one night back

​marriage is a beautiful thing when u are with the right person. my wife is a perfect woman for me, during our courtship and now that we married things remained the same. we go to the movies, club, concerts, picnics and our sex life was fantastic. after our first child nothing seems to get her in the mood again. she dresses really poor and neglect  herself we hardly go out and we ve barely made love for the past 3month.. 

Now am really getting bored of the marriage, and I get this attractive compliment from a lady in my office.  she is in her early twenties, few years younger than my wife and I wanna give in to her advances. 

this morning I messaged my wife from work that I won’t be coming early and she replied ok no sweet words I wasn’t bothered, I went on a date with Miss sexy and we laughed all through, I enjoyed myself on getting to our hotel room my body was on fire can’t wait to have her under me. we got into the room and she rushed to the bathroom to freshen up so, I put on the TV just to listen to News but it was over then, a program came up about singles and married while I was undressing myself

The speaker was talking about how men should compliment their wives everyday, even after giving birth.. 

I remembered how I used to compliment my wife and tell her how hot she was and how  am gonna make her wanna have me all the time. 

so my wife was watching the program @ home too and was touched when the speaker said women should never neglect their body even after giving birth because it reduces the man’s urge. 

I left enough money for Miss sexy before she came out of the bathroom I was on my way home,  I was driving as fast as I could . finally I got home didn’t even wait for the gateman to open the gate, I rushed upstairs my son opened the door and I hugged him, i asked where his mum was before junior could answer I heard her saying am right here for u baby.. 

Holy saviour,  I couldn’t believe my eyes my son said mum u beautiful, she was looking so beautiful just like the first time I made love to her and that moment I realized I wasn’t doing my duty properly as her husband and companion.

The rest of the night was made in paradise, in the morning I called my office and ask for a day off i spent the whole day with her and apologize to her she is the sweetest thing ever. 

Yah as for Miss sexy I apologise to her as well not for treating her that way but for giving in to her advances and hey I have my lovely wife back and it’s been fun.. 

Sheydea: when the cuteness is no more and the sex ain’t saving 


the love is gone, remember COMPANIONSHIP will keep u together..


3 responses to “one night back

  1. never read or hear this kind of story before.
    but its happening in my relationship wit my boyfriend, he likes girls dat dress, when I mean dress, I mean girls dat dress like rihanna, genevive, omotola day dress smart, even not for anybody but to look cute, so people can appereciate what they have .
    it really make an impact in ma life

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  2. lovely write up! you speak the mind of plenty men, and this is one of the reasons some marriage collapses.


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