wedding no ceremony 

Two years ago, I met the most incredible man on the earth. He was everything a woman could ask for in a man, which made me questioned myself if it was infatuation or love at first sight. He loved me for me (Yah am speaking in past tense) not because he felt the need to or it was required of him to but it was genuine and often times he would find words to describe his feelings and found none.

6months of knowing each other, he asked me to move in with him. I was scared and didn’t think I was ready for that phase then not after going through so much break ups and not working out type of relationships.he assured me everything would be fine, and told me how normal it was for us to know ourselves deeper since we planning on taking this seriously.

8months into our dating, I finally moved in with him(though my aunt wasn’t in support of it but she wanted me to give it a try). It felt like home, we do everything together like bathing, sharing chores, going to the movies, going for evening prayers, playing games together and so on. Most times he picks me from work after closing from his just to make me comfortable, he provides everything and above all we fight like every normal couple would. It’s totally healthy for our relationship and he doesn’t go to sleep with any arguments, we sort things out always. For a long time I felt this connection with him from my inner self, I found peace with him and his family loves me a lot.

One night after making love, he looked into my eyes (am sure it was stars and sparkles I saw in his eyes) he asked me to marry him, with tears in my eyes of course I said yes. It was romantic, we made love all through the night. “I still remember his baby blue eyes piercing through my soul, his smile and his heartbeat was perfect with mine” in the morning still in his arms, he said once we celebrate 2years into our relationship, we going to get married. I was so happy and it’s been a year and 10 months, just two months to finally say I do.

(wedding preparations all on)

Exactly three days to the big day, we went out together to ease the tensions we getting due to the preparation. I suggested the idea of clubbing that night, he was against it at first but was down with it later. The club was filled up (on a Thursday night) the music was intense and unusually loud that night, we started dancing and drinking. We got so drunk that I couldn’t remember the kind of spirit that rented my soul that night, I started daring him to do so many weird things.

First I asked him to dance with a random girl in bar and he did, after which I asked him to kiss another lady and he did, this continued like that and from what I could remember I seem to be enjoying the whole thing and found nothing wrong (Yes I was drunk but this was way out of control) right now I know you all are wondering why he was doing everything I asked him to right? The truth is he has never been into this before, we only drink at home and have all rounds of craziness in the house and he likes it because it’s safe.

(Wedding was cancelled)

Oh yes I haven’t finished the story. I couldn’t remember anything again but woke up after three days from a partial coma in the hospital, everyone was in the room except JOE (sorry I didn’t remember mentioning his name earlier) and it was officially my wedding day.

Here I am sitting by his bed side after 6month praying to God to restore him back to me.

Joe and Samantha got into a ghastly car accident while driving home after the club party. She was restored from her partial three days coma, while Joe is still in coma after 6months. 
Is it her fault or not? 

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7 responses to “wedding no ceremony 

  1. It’s nobody’s fault!! They were just being human and bad thing happen, you can get drunk @ home & fall from staircase or anythin can happen. Everythin happen 4 a reason #GodKnwBest


  2. Uhmmm practically it’s both of thems fault and technically it’s the guys fault he knew she was already drunk all those could have been prevented.nice sorry just that the wedding got cancelled.


  3. I don’t think it’s her fault though but it’s a really touching story. Nice write up and I love legend of bazoc 😊😊😊


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