Marry for Mama 1

All i just want to do this night is get drunk and end up with a random stranger again in my bed. This has become part of me and these girls don’t even care if it’s just a one night stand with them.
How hard could it be to find love? Am here sitting down in a bar ordering shots on shotsdrunk just to pretend am not bothered about my mum’s everyday nagging on phone wanting grandchildren. It’s not as if I can just slot in my atm card in a baby machine yet to be invented and get children or order a child online but It would have been so much better if I can just do that. It’s not my fault am the only child and loosing dad three years ago has been the worst happening in our lives (mum and I). Am not always around (of course I don’t stay with her) this has been the only national anthem on her lips “bring a wife, I want grandchildren, am getting old”
“Wait what about contract marriage that could work too” nah “wait a minute a surrogate would be better” no string attached just my “cough” (u know what i mean) is needed.  Now am going to blame these thoughts on alcohol because am going insane with these regrettable ideas. One time Mum even suggested bringing a girl from the village, after all her plans trying to hook me up with her friend’s daughters and dad’s business associate’s daughters didn’t work. It’s not like I don’t have females around,  I can’t tell why I don’t seem attracted to them, and I love finding faults in all of them.

Oh all these thoughts you must be wondering if am still ordering another shot, No am with another babe just finished having a rough, no passion filled sex. I don’t even know her name and I can’t even tell how I got to my apartment and I think the last thing I remembered was touching her boobs only to find out all of that thing giggling in my face was padded (scoff)…

“hey miss time to go” she looked at me with disgust and asked to be treated like a lady “like really” am a stranger you don’t even know me, yet you followed me home to have sex with me, you got paid for it, now u want me to treat you like a lady? Oh am sorry your majesty please leave my house thank you. She hissed and walked out (she carry my money sha, ladies hmmmm)

Next morning (in the office) 

(the company belongs to my dad and I run it now) have always wanted to paint and have cool art studio. Well, according to my parent am the only child I must learn the family business or let it be ruined by a stranger (I don’t care anyways). In my office with this my tie that won’t let me breathe well (please who said its only suit and tie that defines corporate) “scoff”

I don’t mingle with my workers, the only interaction we always have is greetings, meetings, monthly collections statements and of course salary time. The only person that talk to me is my PA, and she is ok but really young, not my type “alright she is innocently pretty”

Mum call came through and automatically I started having an advance migraine from the long wifey talk ahead. (not this time people)
Am in the hospital shaking like a wet dog, I can’t even explain how I managed to drive from my office to the clinic in 20mins, and also  didn’t remember I asked my assistant to come with me. Am so sure my driving must have scared the life out of her (people this is my mum we talking about, I love her so much)


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