I met him few weeks, it’s like have known him for years and everything is so perfect with him. Do you think there is anything has perfect? The more in get close to him, the more I could hear the word loud and clear “heartbreak”. The day he told me that he loved me I was confused I couldn’t reply him back saying the same. I just responded by telling him I adore you.

I call him my regal he is royalty in my heart
The feeling of getting hurt and knowing it but not minding the consequences of falling in love with him. He said he loves me, I could see it in his eyes but his heart is saying otherwise. His touch can’t make me concentrate, the day we made love for the first time it was like heaven even when I don’t know what heaven looks like. I know it’s a paradise where I want to spend the rest of my life.

This part with regal, I can avoid heartache and trauma by running out and starting a fresh life with someone that adores me. I can also get consumed by his thought and stay with him, which would lead me to an ever ending heart trauma.
My heart is saying go and free yourself from him, but my head and body are totally immersed in his world.

There is no future with my regal I know it, but there is present with him which is now. I think I should just enjoy this moment and not give in with my heart, just my body and my moment for now but little did I know that my heart is power source of this feelings. king

He is promising me everything except future. His life is destined with someone else but his body and music of this sensual feeling to be in paradise is with me. Am not getting any younger, I can’t continue like this. It hurts so much to let him go but I know it’s the right thing.

Regal may be gone but my KING is here, it will take me time to get over Him (REGAL) but been in the hands of my future, my KING and my everything it will make it easier for me.
For the first time am telling my KING that I LOVE HIM without hesitation and regrets, without holding anything back. Am out with my KING visiting places and not hiding to feel loved. This is the best feeling in the world and now I believe in LOVE that is planted and feeding it everything to grow.

I use to have two men in my life (REGAL) that will make me feel paradise without taking me there, that was leading me to my destruction but buying me sweet scent to cover my burnt, and am not in his future but just a passage. And I have a (KING) who is ready to bring down his crown just to adore me, he sees future with me not as a passage but has the genesis that starts it and will be forever.

He is ready not just to show me the world, but also show me to the world. He is ready to place me in the paradise and make me his queen to feel paradise with him and not alone. He wants little Kings and Queens with me and be a family. kinI choose my KING because am ready to rule an EMPIRE with him and now he is my REGAL (smile)


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