legend of bazoc 5


How cruel can the gods be and how can a man stand so helpless and watch his city be brought to ruins. For the sake of one man’s greed, thousands will have to fall. Azocs obsession for power had not only ruined the peace and stability of the barbarian clan but it had created a notion that the barbarian could start an empire of its own. Upon landing on the barbarian clan soil, the Turian army marched straight to Arkim and camped there to await further instructions from Azoc. Azoc was known to spend most of the time in meetings with some of his most truted commanders. But one certain day was exception when Azoc sent for a Murak his personal adviser.

‘tell me this isn’t true’ azoc said with so much tension in the sound of his voice ‘tell me my brother is not still alive’. Murak was silent with his face cast downwards. Azoc in his rage turned the war tables upside down and the sound startled the guards who rushed in.

‘I want the officers in charge of the mission to the temple executed by sunrise.’ Azoc said breathing heavily as he strolled around aimlessly around his tent. ‘murak’ azoc said ‘move up our timetable. We march to Arkim by sunlight’

‘but my lord’ murak said ‘the Turian fleet just landed and their kings await your presence’

‘then we will meet at arkim. Assemble out forces.’ Azoc ordered with sigh ‘we will march at dawn’

‘my lord, might I suggest you do not make any rational decisions for fear of your brother.’ Murak said ‘he is but a man and he can be dealt with. I still strongly advice that we stick to the original plan’. Azoc gradually walked towards murak and tapped his shoulders

‘you question my judgment. That I can allow. But you will not underestimate what my brother can do. I have fought alongside with him. I know the way he thinks. So the next time you underestimate my brother, I will kill you’ Azoc was very stern with his words. Murak bowed before Azoc and left his tent.

Meanwhile, vassivius and cassia where making ready to leave the city. While they got ready,bazoc was getting acquainted with cassias bodyguard. Both Bazoc and the bodyguard up early and decided to take a stroll to fetch woods to start a morning fire to keep warm. They took a while in the woods before they returned.

‘do you think he will follow through with the plan? ‘cassia asked vassivius.

‘I believe he will do what is necessary. But we have to do what’s necessary on our path’ vasivius answered

‘’but we need him’ cassia said ‘you owe him your life.’

‘that my lady, we can agree on’ vasivius said bowing his before cassia ‘but I have felt the direction to the beat of his heart. The trajectory to his destiny has been plotted out by the gods.’ Vasivius walked away. In the cause of bazocs conversation with the cassias bodyguard, he got to know his name as cuterburge. he was a native from an outland village which was subjugated by the Romans but was later recaptured by Azocs rebels. Azocs rebel troops forced them to join their ranks and those who opposed him were put to death.

‘I know your village’ bazoc said ‘the kunigurians.’ He added while he chopped the woods to smaller pieces.

‘you know’ bazoc continued ‘your people are one of the bravest fighters I have ever seen’. Cuterburge paused and stared at Bazoc but said nothing. Bazoc was still trying to get more conversation time with cuterburge.

‘During the great civil war, your people refused to be emancipated under the four ruling clans’ bazoc said with a deep sigh ‘good barbarian warriors fell on the night we tried invading your village. We only tried convincing your people’

‘convince you say’ cuterburge said and visciously spat on the ground. ‘your tribe’s men stormed our village with over a thousand barbarian warriors. You left us no choice but to fight and we did with every last man and woman who was able to weild a sword or an axe.’ He paused for a while and the look on his face became pale ‘ I lost my father and my brother to that battle’

‘but your people prevailed’ bazoc said in consolation

‘yes, we did’ cuterburge said ‘but at a stiff price. You confined our clans to the outlands like prisoners leaving us with little food and water’. Bazoc was speechless. the banishment of the kunigurians was decided by the clan lords owing to the alarming number of barbarian warriors that fell in one night. No one ever believed the kunigurians had superior fighting skill. For ten years they lingered without supplies till the Romans came. When the Romans invaded their lands, they offered the kunigurians food and drink for their lands and a peace treaty was reached. There was no bloodshed. But Azoc murdered more than a thousand men including the roman forces in his attempt to reclaim the land.

‘so how did you people fall to my brother?’ Bazoc asked ‘his armies could not have been any different from the ones you faced’

‘that’s only if it were men who attacked us on that very peaceful morning.’ Cuterburge replied ‘what we fought against were not men.’ He sighed and dropped his axe. ‘that day we fought an army of wild beasts in the appearance of men. And many of our brothers fell.’ He then turned to bazoc ‘That was the genesis of my flight to octagurion. Azoc forces can’t be stopped. I wonder what you are fighting for’

If Azocs fighting force were not men, it means the turians were already in the lands long before now. Now Bazoc understood why cassia was running back to Rome to warn them.


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