marry for mama 3


Feeling really weak waking up this morning, I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t sleep well or because I still didn’t sleep well was up half of the night thinking about lolade. I snapped myself from my sluggish imaginations, straight up to the bathroom, had a nice shower and “poof” I was ready for work. Still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, this beautiful Creature was standing there in a lovely gown (which am trying to figure out where have seen the gown before).

She greeted “good morning sir” coffee? And we are a little bit late for work. Hope you don’t mind? I spilled coffee on my dress this morning, so mum gave me hers “I knew it, it my mum’s gown” as if it was originally meant for her.

She fits perfectly into the dress even knowing the dress isn’t in style “it’s vintage” I could see the joy and happiness in her through her face and around that moment I realized how she needed a mother figure in her life. I tried acting bossy and pretended I didn’t hear the question, I just took my coffee from her and replied coldly “it’s ok” but deep down i know it was perfect on her. 

“Good morning my son” said mother “good morning mum” I replied. She was searching my face trying to figure out what could be wrong with me. I didn’t want any display of emotions this morning, so i told her I would see her later in the evening. “not even a hug? Mum I would see you later just take good care of yourself okay. 

Lolade wasn’t feeling comfortable, like I crushed her heart with my reply. The reflection coming from the glass door, I saw mum hugging her so tight “in a motherly way” and at that moment I knew there was something missing in both of their lives and it’s killing me inside that I couldn’t do anything about it because I haven’t felt this way before.

Mrs fola I really enjoyed my time with you and please don’t forget to use all the drugs the doctor gave you “said lolade” I won’t my dear and am sure going to miss your pretty face, smile, your cooking and oh your snuggles in the night “mum replied her”. Right where I was standing i was already deep in thought thinking about how her perfect body will fit into my arms while she snuggles with me “jeez I think am having yellow fever also confusion fever”

She smiled (oh jeez can she stop doing this her smile thing). As we were walking out of the house, mum called her and told wished her success in her finals next week. I wonder what finals mum was talking about, so I pretended I didn’t hear that part.


Have received all necessary documents I requested for, also checked the ones concerning the new contract and I checked my heart too it’s still breathing except the fact that it’s distracted, so i used my free time to take a look at lade’s profile “yes i just shortened the name and it’s not a pet name pls” she wasn’t a permanent assistant rather she is an intern. Why didn’t I check this before? She was here to gain experience for her final project and that was why mum was bidding her good luck in her finals.

While still thinking about how am going to miss her smile, her calmness and the way she relates with everyone “she walks in”. Am sorry sir but I knocked twice there was no response, I wanted to know if you ok inside and here is my log report book for you to fill and sign. Alright lade just drop it on the table will ring you once I signed it. Why are you smiling? Am just surprised you called me lade because only one person use to call me that. “Oh lemme guess your boyfriend” at the point I know the most vain part of my mind is going to land me where I never expected. She was trying to explain but I cut her off and told her to pick her log book by the end of the day.

Phone rings

Hey champ where u at? Let’s go out and grab lunch. Oh yes I need some fresh air and someone to talk to, will pick you up in the next 20mins

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