marry for mama 4

Am telling you man there is something wrong with me, this girl has some type of magnetic force of attraction to her, Derek you have to believe me have never felt this way before.

(Derek) You mean this feeling that made you look so stupid and powerless about a girl? Okay on a more serious note Tobi tell me what makes this one special? “sigh”

(Tobi) it’s that homely thing about her, she doesn’t struggle for me to notice her, she is great with everyone and God! she is really beautiful. “Derek laughing out loud” oh mahn you are in love, and also you are in soup. Wait a minute why would you say that? Am been serious here. Tobi, we all know how messed up u have been after Allison’s episode and if this girl is amazing as you are dream talking about her now, please don’t try and ruin her because you are not what she needs.

Office *thinking about my lunch chat with derek* (Derek is my childhood friend). 

Yes he is right, lade doesn’t need me rather she needs a man that would give her all and not hold anything back and I don’t think am even half of that person. “wait,  why am i worrying so much? She has a boyfriend”

Phone rings (it’s mum) 

Hey mum am sorry I haven’t checked in on you since morning how are (she cuts my unapologetic greetings) well it’s okay am actually calling for lolademi “Now am jealous” wait mum if you are calling for lade why not try her cell phone and try to avoid that part where I would get jealous. “hmmmm so you have a nick name for her” mum it’s just a short (she cuts me off again) it’s okay am worried have tried her number twice she wasn’t picking, pls check on her.

LOLADE’s office (have knocked twice) 

Wait it’s my company why am just knocking? Apparently there is this little thing called privacy. Okay seriously am getting worried why is she not answering? I opened the door was about to act bossy when i found lolade on the floor unconscious with her bag scattered on the floor and I couldn’t help but noticed an inhaler far from the bag. I ran to her and carried her in my arms “she was so gorgeous in her sleep” (Tobi pls focus this is not sleep she is in danger).

She was in a bad condition and I Couldn’t wait for the company’s medics to get in, I drove her to doctor Dan’s hospital straight and believe me I don’t know what is going on in my head. Her phone kept ringing, which I think she had tried calling someone for help “why didn’t she call me? Yes I know she doesn’t like me enough to do that but at least I was close by”. I ignored the phone to concentrate on my driving before I get us both killed recklessly. 


Mum kept calling and I didn’t want to scare her so, I sent her a message that we are fine and a meeting is going on. The doctors were inside with her, I don’t know who to call like her family member or anyone.while I was pondering on who to call, not too long her phone rings again but this time I picked and it was a man’s voice (she saved it with “my hero”) wait what “your hero” well at this point I know am the villain or the bossy arrogant man, who is not going to admit he likes her very much. 

So i put my jealousy aside and i explained to the thick voice man what happened and gave him directions. Few minutes later the thick voice man was in the hospital asking questions from the receptionist and I saw her pointing towards me. “good afternoon sir you must be Mr Tobi Folarin nice to meet you and have heard a lot about you”

I was trying to return the greeting when the doctor called for her family member. I didn’t get the name of the thick voice man but I told him Mr hero I think it’s best if you go and see her. 

Sitting at the waiting area thinking “feeling of been scared and confused at the sane time” I snapped back to reality when her phone vibrated (I think it’s a chat message). Out of curiosity and maybe a tiny inch of jealousy, i dialed my number on her phone to see what she saved my name with “hey people I was curious” to my surprise I saw something really strange, she saved my name with “my Tobi”. I didn’t know whether to be scared, happy or angry which I have no idea why i should be any though.

I went in to say hi to her and drop her phone with her boyfriend. “inside the room where she was admitted” she was looking weak, pale and all i wanted right there was to hug her, place my head on her chest mildly, kiss her on the hand, head and tell her I would be by her side always but all these are just mere thoughts of a player who just can’t explain what’s is wrong with him. She managed to tell me thank you for saving me but instead of saying sir, I heard my Tobi which i pretended i didn’t hear that part. I smiled sheepishly and ask her to rest enough and also dropped her phone with Mr thick voice and said my bye to check on her later because I couldn’t stand there watching Mr thick voice holding her hands and rubbing it like a pimple on the face. “anger mixed with jealousy”


Told mum all that happened but instead of seeing the reactions I expected from her, she was worried about my own look. She asked what was going on with me, I just lay gently on her laps and cry. Tobi do you have any feelings for lolade? 


3 responses to “marry for mama 4

  1. Love they say, it can’t be explain. The feeling of wanting to be there always, jealousy, and making the person’s happiness one’s priority….


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