Bride in black

 A bride dressed in black? Is she demented? Is she crazy? Is she depressed? She must be a psycho? Oh no maybe it’s her kind of person or what do you think? Well Maybe sure the black would be a great fashion and trend for bride or am I wrong? 


Well it’s normal you all react this way. She is crazy yes but not any of those labels given to her. 

My name is Valerie love. Just as beautiful as love might be, i experienced it once and now i want more. Just wait you would understand what I meant by “more

From my creche, junior, senior all the way to my success, have only dated one man. His name is Steven burn and we are getting married in two days. 

Thursday morning 

I received a bouquet of flowers (roses) so beautiful just like its name. The look on my face when I got them would define disappointment if you have never experienced one before. It’s from the same person have known and am going to spend the rest of my life with in less than 72hours. 

Have spent my youthful age practising and acting as a wife and soon I don’t need to act anymore am going live my life as one. 

You don’t understand my story? Just wait and sit tight. 

All preparations are going on perfectly well, like have always wanted it to be in my imaginations and dreams. Now it’s becoming a reality. Yes have always been a good girl, the best any man would want and certainly the best any family would want to have as a daughter in law. 

Have you ever wished your life is not perfect? Have you ever wanted a taste of challenge and the rough part Just to know how it feels? Well have always wanted that because my life has always been easy than a baby’s mouth going back and forth on breasts nipple. 

I just wanted more, to taste what it’s like to be different. Hit the club, be wild for one night, get drunk, hit another person’s car, yell at someone, fight someone “oh Heavens” I can go on with the list but what I wanted most is to feel the thrust of another man’s passion in my soul. “Now you know am crazy not psycho”

Thursday evening 

Have written down all these in my diary… The day went as planned. No distractions from my plans just as planned. I buried myself so deep in my own imagination and slept off. 

Friday morning 

Few hours to be the perfect bride in white, walking down the aisle by my father. Groom standing in his tux looking ridiculously handsome, doing same thing over and over trying to please me and make me happy. I love him so much don’t get me wrong.

Was snapped out of my imagination when breakfast was brought in by my sister. All my bridesmaids are looking so gorgeous and happy for me. 

After much gossip with them and putting things in place, we had breakfast together, lunch and went for rehearsal. Everything was more perfect than I imagined. I changed my name to Valerie love perfect.

The Bachelorette party

The ladies wowed me out of my imagination and I couldn’t be more proud of them. They really made my day but not my thoughts. Few hrs of lively boring music and gossips, some ridiculously hot guys are mounting on our cruise ship to party with us. No matter how cute they are no one can compare to my darling and I love him so much, just that I needed one night of crazy fun not with him but with someone else. 

Deep in my thoughts and smiling to myself while remembering the names we suggested for our children in future, felt a tap on my shoulder. A guy was behind me, by his expression I knew something was actually bothering him because he wasn’t even down with the wildness going on with my bridesmaids and his friends. 

The mysterious guy: hey you must be the Bride? 

Love: is it that obvious? 

Mysterious guy: “smile” no but not getting down with other ladies and their tags says friends of the bride, and yours says bride to be

Love: oh yes the tag. So why are you? 

Mysterious guy: am getting married tomorrow, I just needed a time away from everything. Less than 10hrs am going to be the perfect husband have been practicing to be to one woman have always known. Have dated her, only her all my life, I know everything about her and am happy with her. Oh lord she is so beautiful and I love her so much. I just need one night of sin, a spot on my clean tux “metarphor” a night of unfaithfulness that won’t ruin anything.

Love: she murmured “hmmmm my male version” wow that one imperfection to make your perfect not so perfect. 

Mysterious guy: “surprised” wow you dig me so well. 

Both: “sigh” we are so crazy in thought and it’s obvious we want the same thing 

The imperfect act 

“in One perfect small room on the cruise ship”

His mouth on mine, i was up in flames in an instant, every point of my body straining closer to this hard form. With a moan of helpless need, i placed my hands on his chest, to my greatest surprise it was pounding as fast and hard as mine too. Now, his hand grip tightly to my waist while still devouring my lips and gosh i was enjoying every bit of it. 

His kiss was soft yet intense, also pulling the strap of my dress down further, and i felt the rising hot feeling “lust” which made me weak under while i gave in. My want is coming to reality while shutting myself from everything else. 

Between my legs i was extremely wet, throbbing and shaking for thrust. He bared one of my swollen breast and cupped it with his hand and stroke the nipple gently, squeezing the full flesh while still grazing my nipple gently. Letting out a soft moan out of excitement and lust. 

The other hand coming down which grabbed my buttocks making my hips grind against him swiftly. I felt the hard rising of his erection ready to explore my cookie jar. One minute he was removing everything called clothes, made out of clothes in the name of clothes out if his body to bare his nakedness for me to explore and see, even when he knows he won’t see me again. 

His voice intense and hard “I want you naked now” like a magic mixed up in his voice, i obeyed and removed everything. Just in a black lace panties, showing all my curves “I haven’t seen a slim woman as thick as you before said mystery guy. 

6hrs to “I do”

We both naked, he draw me closer. Kissed me, tongue thrusting deep finding the flames of lust in my body. My hands were finding and circling his hard erection, moving up and down, feeling the huge flesh.

Still kissing me, he slightly parted my legs open with one hand and trusted a finger inside, this made my legs weak and i broke from the kiss holding his head as he bend to put the finger to work. I was spamming with pleasure and moaning a little louder now. He pushed my panties down and lifted me up, down gently lay me on the bed. 

I sat up and move closely to him, holding his erection not mind the length of it, i draw it closely and took him into my mouth. The feel from him was like an explosion, could barely hear him moan because i was busy making him enjoy this our minutes of sinful perfection. 

Minutes later, he was down gently forcing me to move back on the bed. I obeyed like a puppy waiting for a crunch. His mouth on mine again “gosh he is so good with it”, but this time traveling to explore every part of my bodymy

Now his tongue in my wet spot, finding the cookie jar, opening me up, stabbing deep, making me moan uncontrollably, my hips whinning. He replaced the tongue with his fingers, thrusting deep and been a disc jockey on my breast with the other hand. 

He slowly came up, traveling up and finally pressing a kiss on my mouth softly. 

He slided inside of me deeply, with my eyes going wide. His broad shoulder damp with sweat from the intense sweet fire burning between us. All we could hear was the intense music coming from the party and it’s going wild.  It was so much more than i expected, it felt has if this stranger would drive me to my end. His chest was against my breast which made the intense fire unbearable to hold me from exploding all over him. The rhythm of his body in and out of me is making me see paradise now. Within minutes that seem like forever, trying all position have always wanted to, this brought us to climax at the same time. “breathing heavily” mission was accomplished. 

5hrs to “I do”

(It was some minutes past 2am) all dressed up. 

Mysterious guy: by the way my name is “i cuts in”

Love: don’t worry I don’t want to know anything about you and thank you for making my dream a reality. 

Wedding morning

Now I have this little black spot ony dress “in my mind” and it made it perfect. The wedding bells sounding, and am dressed in the most beautiful gown designed by my sister, walking down the aisle with My Dad. The most handsome man in the world is there waiting to be mine. 

On the other hand, thank you mystery guy for making my life now not so perfect and I wish you a happy married life too. “cheers to that”

OH by the way my gown is white not black but a little spot of black on it in my head. *hahahahah*
The End

From the head and mind of a weirdo writer SHEYDEA HQB. 


8 responses to “Bride in black

  1. I think this is one of the best fiction have read in a long time. I love that it’s different and it’s not perfect. I know one day you would be a great writer. Pls continue marry for mama, I love dt piece too ☺


  2. So intensed, detailed, passionate…… Wow, you are so good and i feel your write up deeply…. Nice one… Raymike…


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