Plum and its health benefits 


The juiciest fruit in the stone fruit family, plums come in many different varieties, some sweet, some slightly more tart


  • It maintains health digestion 
  • It lowers cholesterol levels 
  • It improves bone health
  • Helps in absorption of iron
  • It is rich in anti oxidant 
  • It protects the eyes
  • For anti aging 
  • It improves brain health 
  • It prevents cancer
  • It eliminate stress and fatigue
  • It also prevents constipation and removes toxins from the body. In this you can lose weight naturally. 
  • Plum contains citric acid that can prevent tiredness and muscle cramp. It improves gastrointestinal and liver function and thus prevents constipation

Don’t forget to include plums in your diet. Remember health is wealth and it’s all about healthy living. 


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