marry for mama 5

Mum looked straight into my eyes “Tobi if you lie with your words, you can’t deceive me with your eyes. I don’t know what you feel about her, but i know lolade is a good girl. Though it might seem like am pressuring you into marriage but that doesn’t mean you should do it for me, rather do it for yourself and see how beautiful it is to own a home with someone that is worth it and don’t forget love and companionship.

” i swear I could see anger in mum’s eyes, only that it’s not terrifying but it’s that motherly anger with worry that they have whenever they are trying to make you see the truth about something. While mum was climbing the stairs to her room, she told me I would get a call in the morning from the hospital to pick lolade up and bring her here.

In my room trying to sleep but i couldn’t, i don’t know if its about what mum told me or the thought of me going to pick her from the hospital like she is mine. And come to think of it she has a boyfriend, and she seems really happy with him. The way she looked at him in the hospital while he was holding her hands, oh i wish those watery brown eyes would gaze at me like that. Lolade what are you doing to me? Am loosing it. Is this what love feels like? If it is then it’s a huge task to love.

Phone rings

Good morning (that angelic voice i wish to have next to me and tell me my love wake up it’s morning) hello are you there? *Yes* it’s lolade she called to tell me she has been discharged. Also to remind me that mum called her that I would come pick her up. Yes lolade am on my way now okay, just give me and hour I would be with you.

Mum had prepared the guest room for her and it opposite my room. *people this is torture*. Am a man and this little feeling cannot come and distract me from my belief that there is no such thing has love. *sigh* With lolade in the house and all my mum’s attention is with her, i will have to put up with this racing of heart and butterflies jumping in my belly. 

It was a Saturday morning so after breakfast, she rested the whole day while Mum was checking on her every minute. I stayed glued to my room watching some reality drama when someone knocked at my door. It’s must be mum and I hope she is not coming to rub it in my face that am uncaring and all for not checking on lolade.

Lolade, *I was surprised * she was standing there really shocked to see my bare chest and just the Mr bossy Tobi in his sweat pant only

Are you okay?  I asked and apologized to her that i was busy and I didn’t want to disturb her sleep that was why i didn’t checked in on you. She was trying to find the right words to say but rather she just smiled and told me she just wanted to thank me for rescuing and saving her, that am her hero. Suddenly a gush of anger Rolling from my belly, in my mind I was wondering why she would lie “Me her hero, when we all know she saved her boyfriend’s name with hero”

While I was still standing there fighting what was not fighting me, mum walked in on us smiling, She told us she was happy that we were getting along. *my Lord this woman and her match making talks* I was trying to explain why lolade was with me but she interrupted my explanation and ask me to put on my shirt so i can show lolade round the house. 

Giving her tour around the house, I decided to let loose and really enjoy a stress free day. She was asking questions about every piece, room, corner and I was happy to be a tour guide. We got to mum’s flower collections, while i was trying to talk about mum’s obsession with flowers, it was then i looked back and realized i was talking to myself.

Hey over here Mr Tobi *lolade called out* the rhythm of my name from her lips always trigger one flame i never realized that i have.

Oh my eyes! These paintings are so beautiful and real. Where did you get them? I was trying to explain to her but somehow she saw my name signed on one and she was checking everything one after the other, surprised and confused why all the art piece had my name signed on all. Her eyes grew bigger, she was really shocked but in a good way. Wait sir, did you paint all these? And draw them as well? Yes lolade this is my passion but i had no choice than to carry on the family name and business. 

Sir people need to start paying to see your work. Haven’t heard from anywhere that running multiple career ain’t possible and you need to start fighting for your skill because these are incredible. Well starting from now which means am owing you a huge amount for seeing these beautiful hand creations “smiling”

Right there all I wanted was to give her a very tight warm hug, kiss her on her forehead and never let go.

Sir did i say something wrong? No not at all I replied her, its just that this is the first time in many years i feel really good about doing something right and someone acknowledging my effort. Sir do you mean someone use to love your painting? And am sure if i may guess it’s mummy right? I smiled and stood closely in front of her that i was feeling her trembling. No lolade, her name is Alyson my first love.

Yah, am sorry about that and I think i remember mum mentioning  her to me the day we went to the hospital. Believing  i was your girlfriend *she smiled*

This weekend is actually one of the best have had in years. Later that night, she told me everything about herself. so many interesting things that made me discovered we had so many things in common. She is obsessed with sponge Bob cartoon just like me, she loves fried plantain, reading novel, she is a great cook and oh mehn she sings beautifully.

Sunday morning we went to church and trust me, she was gorgeous in one of mum’s skirt and blouse. The service was extraordinarily interesting but am sure it has something to do with the beautiful lady in the congregation. Her bright smile was like light to a very dark moment, her presence brightens my soul.

After church mum suggested we go grab lunch at domino’s Pizza Hut and also go watch movie as family. She was excited and i could tell by her look that it’s been a long time she had this kind of fun. Come to think if it she has a boyfriend, how come he doesn’t do much. Well am not trying to ruin this day with my selfish thinking, these two women needs a great day and am going to make sure nothing ruins it.

Outing was fun, we watched Star Wars and I must say, mum was really bored to sleep *laughing* but lolade and i enjoyed it all the way. Each time a scare scene pops up, she screams, hide her small face on my chest and ask if the scene was out. Her hair brushing my shoulder and her little fingers running through my skin gave me peace from within.

Seeing us together having much fun gave mum a huge rest of mind and I could feel it each time she looked in our direction. I prayed in my heart to God to make this part of me which I never knew existed last for long. If I hurt lolade i won’t forgive myself because she has been through a lot and after knowing everything about her, I found myself wanting to spend more time with her and protect her. This is the same girl I thought was too young and I gave no interest in when she was being interviewed for me as my temp. assistant

This day couldn’t get more better than i ever imagined. Driving home, lolade and mum were just gisting about different things. Mostly women issues and I was kind of jealous because i know nothing about what they were discussing and they made jest of me.

About 5pm later in the evening, I was in the room preparing my speech for the interns send forth party, when I heard voices exchanging greetings and pleasantries from the sitting room. Also mum was telling the unknown guest how she had heard a lot about him which means the guest is a HE. I also could hear lolade laughing a little bit loud and she telling the guest she had packed her things. Well she told me while in the movie theater that she would be leaving by evening to prepare for her final exams and project.

I pretended i didn’t hear mum telling them both that she was coming to call me, so i could come downstairs. She knocked, entered my room, informing me that Jide was around.

Who is jide mum? Oh sweetheart he is the young man that you told you spoke with on phone, and he came to the hospital the day lolade had asthmatic attack. Do you remember him now? Yes mum *in a sarcastic tone* how could I forget lolade’s boyfriend. Mum was confused but urge me to come downstairs and say hi.

Lolade was smiling while I was coming down the stairs *of course Mr hero is here* Mr Tobi this is jide my *I cut in and finished the sentence for lolade saying “Yah I know your boyfriend, Mr hero”

The look on everyone’s faces defined “shock and surprise” she smiled and said “no sir, remember I told you about my favorite cousin, who is also my hero because of all he has done for me since my parent passed away? “Yes lolade” So this is my cousin Jide. “I wished the ground would open and swallow me up” I felt so embarrassed and stupid but also happy at the same time.

Am sorry Mr jide, I was completely wrong I thought you were her boyfriend. Am sorry because even if you are, it’s none of my business. “so awkward nothing am saying right now makes any sense”

Jide replied: call me jide, and it’s totally normal because we are so close. Speaking of boyfriend she doesn’t have any because of her phobia for relationships. While he was laughing, lolade hit him jokingly and was a little bit embarrassed by what her cousin said.

I was so relieved and happy that my beautiful lolade is free but i have no clue what I would with this. Mum offered to make everyone dinner before they take their leave. Lolade and mum went into the kitchen, while jide and i engaged ourselves in getting to know each other. I must say he is a very cool, nice and interesting guy. Through our talks at one point he told me lolade really likes and she talks about me at home every day that he gets bored most times because he was tired of hearing my name. I blushed and i could feel the blood in my own cheeks to know how obvious my blushing was.

On the dinning table, I was staring at her and each time our eyes meet she just smile and look away. Jide and mum were both shaking their heads because of our childish altitude on the table. After eating, i offered to help her in the kitchen. Mum and jide went to the sitting room to have some sort of talk just to to give us time to talk.

While she was doing the dishes, I stood behind the door and watch how her little fingers were holding the plate firmly and i could tell by the side of her face that she knew I was watching her. Minutes later she was through with the dishes and walk towards me while staring at the ground, I pulled her closely by holding her hands.

Lolade i  don’t know much about relationships nor feelings. When I had my first true relationship with Allison, I gave in all and i was obsessed with her. It took me one year of therapy sessions to get over it, even when I don’t know what i did wrong to deserve the way she left. Am not an easy person to be with which you can testify to, Judging by my altitude since you started working with me. You understand me so well, you are patient and never get tired of anything that concerns me. 

I cupped her face with my hands and looked deep into her eyes, she was trembling and i could tell by this that my eyes were piercing inside her soul. Her lips were shaking and the vibration coming from her body was so much that i was scared of hurting her. I told her i liked her but i don’t know what am going to do with us now and i need time to get things straight.

I don’t want to rush anything with you and hurt you along the line my darling. I don’t want history to repeat itself so please help me through this okay. “I gave her a light kiss on her forehead and hug her so tight”

We were walking out of the kitchen, and we both noticed this gossiping and curious look on mum and jide’s faces. Lolade hugged mum and told jide it was time to leave. Seeing them off to gate where jide packed his car. When i opened the door I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was like seeing a creature from another planet ,this couldn’t get worse my God.  It was Allison standing with a cute little boy. Her words pierced into my heart and i can’t remember why I didn’t have a heart attack. 

Good evening everyone, I asked what she was doing in my house with anger and disgust. She replied and said Tobi this is SHAWN, *pointing to the little boy with her* he is your son


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