itchy scalp instant remedy 

Do you often have to scratch your itchy scalp? This can be embarrassing in public, and cause a lot of discomfort and even hair loss. 

I have been battling with itchy scalp since I was 16. Have tried all remedies, creams, shampoos and a whole lot more. I think the highest of it all was when I tried one anti dandruff shampoo, believe me I thought it was hot sauce that was in it, my head was on fire and tears from my eyes is enough for irrigation.

This morning I couldn’t take it anymore after braiding my hair nicely and everything I could lay my hands on ends up on my scalp like my eating fork. so i tried something really funny and it worked. For almost  2 hours that have tried the mixture, have not touched my scalp. In my whole life this is the first time in years that i haven’t itch my scalp this long.

CausesI read online that these few things could cause itchy scalp 

  • Dandruff 
  • Excessive production of oil from sebaceous glands 
  • fungus and viral infections
  • dry scalp
  • Poor hair care etc


It works for me. Just try it out and see if it will work for you too. 

  • Lemon juice 
  • Garlic juice 
  • Apple cider vinegar 

I did not mix this three mixture together. Since am on braid, I removed the band that i used in packing it and let it down. It’s easy for me to reach my scalp since it’s box braid. 

I applied each mixture one after the other using a cotton wool, covered it with a shower cap, wrapped it with a dry towel and I waited for 30mins. I picked up another cotton wool and dip it in water to clean my scalp and allow fresh hair penetrate in.

Note: if you have itchy scalp avoid scratching it too much, even though it’s not easy to avoid. Drink water, shampoo your with alcohol free products, eat well. 


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