The guys are talking 

Have always loved been around my male friends because, it gives me this opportunity to learn more things about them. 

Hearing from them is a total straight up game for me. This gives me the inside knowledge on things i can never find out on my own. Stuffs like what they want *even when its hard to believe one can understand them*, what they think of ladies, their alone time, hanging with their peers and so many things. 

Like usual, i decided to hang out with them after a very long sitting, brain racking, never ending calculus exam just to ease my stress. We got chatting and it was really interesting when we switched from boring school stuffs to one major topic that i would never imagined they can actually discussed even with me being around them. 

One of them asked the other “who was suppose to meet up with his girlfriend ” how the meeting went and they were all teasing him. He just ran his fingers through his head and looked at them smiling and also kind of shy. 

He answered “well it’s was okay and i was terrible because i didn’t know what exactly i was doing. They are laughed at him at first but, encouraged him that he would do better next time. Still feeling lost because i don’t understand one thing they were saying, not until chuks the most outspoken one among them asked, what was your best sex type experience? 

Really!!! so they now give names to all the time they made love to a girl, using whatever happens around that time to give it a title. *really* am sure there is *the baby time sex*

So here are the type of sex they want you to try or you have tried and didn’t know it has a name. 

The first time sex: well i don’t think it’s fun to talk about though. First time? Well we all have to start somewhere. After listening to my friends, I don’t think it’s all first time that is awkward and fumbling. Some experiences were actually fun and awesome while some are the “let’s get  it over with” feels. It’s like people prefer saying “it was ok” than going into details i guess but, i think the thought of how you will definitely improve the next time is what will boost your awkwardness. 

The break up sex: According to their definition, it’s this kind of sex that you would never imagined its real until it happens to you.wait a minute, why would two people who just made each unhappy decide to make love? This is really funny to me though. 

Angry sex: 

I thought love making was suppose to be motivated by happiness, love, good desire and true feelings *confused*. So you had a fight with your partner, after the yelling and screaming, you both just stared at each other and have sex immediately then after the sex you both go to been at war? So after screaming the body is where you take out the anger? Enjoy and be safe *laughing really hard now*

A one night stand: sometimes two people make eye contact with each other by the bar, in a club, grocery store, movie night or anywhere you want to meet, and you have this “wow he is so my type, and i want to be with him” kind of feeling. Wait let me ask is this that thing we called love at first sight or it’s different? 

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These people usually end up having a one night stand and in the morning one of them runs out of the other person’s apartment to get prepared for work or to avoid conversation. Also one might end up vomiting in the morning and that all they would remember each other with and if the sex was great. 

The sex is great but we can’t stand each other and also we can’t lose the sex either” type of sex:

Ever seen a couple and you can’t seem to understand, why they are together? It’s because the sex is great, the desire for just the body is red hot. It’s that situation when you meet someone and totally dislike everything about them. And your bodies say ‘let’s give it a shot’ and in the end your bodies were right even though your craziness does not match their craziness. It’s just about the sex

Friendship sex: hooking up with a friend type of sex. There is wide range of thoughts you have when you hook up with someone you’ve known for a long time like, what about our friendship? Am i still going to be friends with him/her? Is it going o be weird if i call her after the sex? and lot more pressing questions. Having sex with a friend is different from friends with benefits. Friends with benefits is safe in the sense that you both have something in common and little chemistry unlike having sex with a friend. It’s like you have never thought about them been naked, now it just happened. 

I didn’t know am totally into this” type of sex: well it’s pretty simple. It’s that thing your partner just pull out (like a new trick) and you really surprised you dig well into it. 

Tired sex/duty sex: it’s that sex that mostly married people do. Are you sure? They think it’s that type of sex that you need to do, just to please your partner or the ‘it’s my responsibility so let me do it” type of sex or our genitals want to play’ and needs our support but the body is too tired. 

Let’s try weird Places and style or positions” type of sex: just has the name sounds, it’s just that sex of experimenting in weird places and trying different styles. Well they recommended this for married couples.

I admit it was a awesome magic sex: they said its that type of sex that you never expected it was going to be awesome because you either undermine him/her.

Well am going to be waiting for you to add your own experience in the comment box and also don’t forget to follow via email or via WordPress. And more inside gist from the male’s table 😊


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