A Royal Disfit 

what is love? this four letter words that makes one so crazy and do so many things you wouldn’t even imagine possible for one to do them. this same love that makes one believe in so many promises and yet it won’t even stand a little shake or maybe for some it can stand any test of time. don’t get me wrong love is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person, when you stop acting, when you don’t try to be perfect for another person and so many other things like i do hear people say. 

who is the right person? is there even a right one? or am i just made to believe he exist or she exist?

this is not an inspirational talk or a writeup where you would find the right answers to your questions about love. As a matter of fact, this is a story. 

up till now, i wondered why i didn’t just accept the kind of life i was born into and be like my mum. the life where i was meant to believe there is no such thing as love at first sight. the life where they made it clear that marriage is just about raising children, be submissive to your husband, embrace and support him even if he is bringing in another woman as his second, third and as much as he can have to be his wives. that life where the woman’s opinion doesn’t count or matters when the husband is speaking. Am sure some of us are familiar with this kind of life. 

i was born without a silver spoon not even an iron spoon but, i would have called it a wooden spatula. i wasn’t sure if my parents knew anything about birth control or if it was existing during their time. we are fourteen in my family including mum and dad, which makes the children twelve. She (mum) always says children are gifts from God and i believe but i would have called us gifts if we’re taken care of properly. 

Education is a no go area in my house. when a child is ten, a family meeting is arranged “you would think it’s a King’s meeting with his cabinet members” you would be ask to choose a trade/profession/handwork “whichever name suit the so called idea” 

Growing up as the only girl with eleven brothers wasn’t as fun as you would ever imagined. sharing everything with my brothers, I had no privacy, no alone time for myself. out of frustration, one day i found a cool spot along the stream path, it was like my own secret thinking spot. have heard about school and i really want to try my luck but no way i could table this matter with anyone in my house and besides the little money i made from my hairdressing trade was used for the house support as well as my brother’s share too. 

somehow the family was going well and fine since we all had one thing or the other to do. mum’s petty trading was doing fine and dad derives joy in just been the husband and give roles to everyone to play in the house. i always prayed that none of my brothers turns out like him. 

one morning i told my mum how i would love to go and try my luck by taking the entrance examination that would be taken place in my town but to my surprise she didn’t pick any offence. she just adviced me to focus on the tradition and don’t try anything i won’t be able to finish when i start. so i promised myself to keep the education in my heart because i know one day am going to accomplish that dream of been an educated woman. 

years passed, it’s time for suitors to come for my hand in marriage. this is it, the life I didn’t plan for but what was already ahead of me and i was made to understand that nothing can change the tradition. All suitors aren’t my kind of my man. they are either proud, too local, too tradition driven but i didn’t see myself fitting into this. My indecisiveness brought cold war into my family, which made everyone sees me as the black sheep of the family. My pride price was what my father had been waiting for and i was very sure he wasn’t going to do anything tangible with the more. He wasn’t the definition of a father but a perfect definition and example of a sperm donor. 

Mum told me there was nothing like prince charming, nothing like happily ever after but just accept my role as a woman and the queen of the bee colony which her duty is to produce offspring. 

on my to the stream one sunny afternoon, i met a a young man with lots of bodyguards following him. I was wondering why a young man would need these large number of people protecting him but i didn’t even realize he is the only son of the king and the heir to the throne. i walked pass him, suddenly one of the guards stopped me and asked if i was blind and didn’t see the prince. immediately i was on my knees begging him to forgive me, that i didnt even know who he was till the guard mentioned it. 

He didn’t like the way the guard spoke to me, so he asked me to stand up and go to wherever i was headed to. when i got to the stream i was surprised to see him there alone not even the smallest of the guards was with him. although there are several roads that leads to the stream and shorter routes at that but am only familiar with one. 

He asked my name, i answered him that my name is Adesuwa and he told me his”PRINCE ADEMOLA OMO-OBA BAMITEFA OF OUR KINGDOM” but he asked me to call him demola. we spent hours by the stream, talking about life, about himself and everything that concerns us both. i was so relaxed that i totally forgot myself. i really like him and he is different from everyone despite his royalty status “well so i thought”

after that day, i always find excuse to go to the stream to meet him. We even have our code of letting each other aware of our presence. i missed so many hair appointment but it was really worth it and he promised to get me the entrance examination form. 

one fateful day, while on our stream adventure he asked if he could kiss me, i was shy but i said yes. he did and it was so awkward because it was my first kissed. He smiled and told me he would teach me a lot of things when i also said i was a virgin. demola asked me to be his girlfriend that day without telling me he has someone he was already bethroted to. so i accepted and he made love to me that day and made me a woman. He promised me so many things and even promised to marry me, i was so happy. while we were ready to leave he asked me for a favor “how could i resist those baby blue eyes of his and his smile” he asked me not to tell anyone about us because people would want to seperate us out of jealousy and which was the reason he doesn’t allow any guards to follow him. i totally accepted the whole thing and didn’t see anything wrong with it. He hugged me, kissed me and bid me goodbye. I didn’t know that was the beginning of another life for me.

it’s been three weeks, i didnt hear from demola, he doesn’t visit the stream. i started feeling weak and tired, vomiting, feeling nauseous and mum was really worried. I was taken to the local health centre in the village for checkup to know what was wrong with. all hell were let loosed when the doctor confirmed i was pregnant.

I couldn’t hold the torture, pains, shame and hatred from everyone around, so i had no choice than to tell the truth. i told my family who got me pregnant, at first they were all laughing and wondering why i would Make up such lie against the prince but after much pressure and they noticed my story wasn’t changing they believed me. my brothers were happy and my dad saw this as an opportunity for his pocket to get big but mum was worried about the whole thing. 

Mum suggested we keep the whole thing to ourselves and raise the baby without informing anyone because we later found out Demola was getting married soon and he is ready to ascend the throne of his father due to his old age but, as for My dad that was when he realized have dragged him into wealth and he wanted the whole village to know about.

one week before demola’s marriage ceremony, my parents and i went to the palace to see the king so they would break the news to him and the queen. fortunately for us, Prince Demola was also in the palace that same day. the look in his eyes when he saw me, he looked at me like a nobody, like i irritate him “so i thought” but he smiled a little when he saw me. 

After some minutes my father stated why we were there. The king and some of cabinet members that were present asked Prince Demola if all these accusations against him was true, he didn’t deny it. As the tradition demands a royal blood shouldn’t be given birth to out of wedlock but he was bethroted to another woman. He told his father that he loves me so much and the whole palace were in great shock. His father got angry and ask him one choose between the kingdom and myself. ‘well he loved me but didn’t know it would come to this’.  i thought love was suppose to stand all tests of time. well Prince Demola choose the kingdom and said his people needs him. so many rewards were given to my family, which was what my father was after. a week later demola got married and traveled out of the country for his honeymoon. 

Nine months later,  my contract ended in the palace and am back to my father’s house but he doesn’t want me anymore. 



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