dear diary 


Dear diary

I really do not feel like doing anything today. After sluggishly waking up from bed, i tried thanking God with my heart because lately my mouth is not a worthy part of my body to call the holy name of God. 

I tried exercising in my head but in reality i was just laying down on the aerobics mat

 thinking about my life. How things ain’t working out and it seems everything is hopeless right now. I don’t have any connection to my dreams and everyone seems to have one thing or the other to say about what is suppose to be my worries. 

By the time i finished thinking on the mat, it was already 10am. I tried to eat but my mouth wasn’t ready to make love to food. I tried one of the citrus ‘orange’ for breakfast which was a little late. 

Later i tried to surf the internet since its the only place that gives me hope and take my mind off things. Mind you i said internet not social media because that’s a life ruiner for me right now. It’s like what you know how to do well but nothing is coming out of, some people are out there making it easily. Social media is place where people fake what they are not and try to pretend to be happy just to make people think they are hopeful but in the end we all the same. 

Well right now it’s 7:30pm, nothing interesting today, well it wasn’t a waste but i thank God for the gift of life. As a result of my surfing i found an interesting song. 

This is me today, i hoped tomorrow would be better. 

Thank you diary 

Song for the day: Lukas Graham 7 years



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