dear diary 


Dear diary

Another day coming to an end, so eventless, not fun but got a little interesting towards evening but If you are expecting me to tell you that the interesting part was that fun, then you are wrong. 

I tried to rest around 3pm, to get prepared for evening class which i ended up waking up late. I rushed to the bathroom and had the quickest bath ever. “I think i deserved a Guinness book of record recognition for this” 

One thing i love so much afare bathing, is how dressed up so fast. I don’t spend more than 10minutes and it’s so cool. Just my regular T-shirt and Jean and am good to go. 

organic chemistry was going on when i walked into the class. The lecturer taking this course is one that would escape anything going to stop from class. If you ask me what the topic was about, i don’t know because all i kept hearing was benzene

After lecture, i rushed down to the food village ‘cafeteria though’ wanted to get matched beans, fried plantain and bread. I quickly ran across to the next shop to get a small pack ‘plate’ with the excitement and already watered mouth, i was smiling back to get my wonderful meal spot but my imagination was crushed when the girl told me she sold the last portion. Why? Why? Why? 

My dear lovely matched beans, i promised you a spot in my belly tomorrow. 

Going back to hustle for another meal i ran into an old flame, who made it clear he wasn’t ready for any romantic hassle because he had alot going on for him then. The good thing about the whole drama was that, i  had enough strength to pull through and i moved on. 

I made do with yam fries and baked beans ‘akara’

Oh you thought i was still in school? No, am on bed thinking about how to devor matched beans tomorrow. 

Time to shower and oh lemme share with you my new song. 

Song of the day:Rihanna needed me 

Thank you diary 



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