dear diary 


Dear diary,

Am sorry i didn’t drop my pen on you yesterday. I was tired, completing my notes, getting my timetable and materials for the semester. I also found out that i won’t be taking any maths course this semester. Yes this is a good news because i don’t like maths for anything. The worst part of this news was that they traded maths for technical drawing ‘this is torture’ but still ok.

I saw friends yesterday, some were just staring to act like they don’t know you while others were still their original selves but i saw my crew yesterday it was lit. Then i realized their is a different between real friends that stays as family because this ones are for lifetime while others are just seasonal friends. Those friends you see 5days a week because you all attend same boring class together. 

Tomorrow is going to be awesome because my home girl’s birthday is tomorrow ‘dancing’ 

though we don’t do the noise kind of celebration but the joy of coming together is the ultimate goal. 

Dear diary, you are my go to source where i can pen down my mind and not get judged because if it.  

Thanks you diary

It’s another beautiful day 

Day 5 of my 30 days abs challenge

Song of the day: Kendrick Lamar Alright 


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