dear diary 


Dear diary, 

The weather in the morning was really not favourable. It was so hot that my skin was almost burning out the fat in my body “but that would be awesome, at least i won’t be getting any plank exercises” 

Today turned out to be one full day with surprises. As if burning out due to the sun rays wasn’t enough, i was placed on fruit and water diet. “another torture” well on the bright side, my body needs all the nutrients it could get to stay active and fully functioning. 

After studying a little, i decided to feed my eyes so i was in for some Romans and barbarians historical war movies. Was really enjoying myself and gaining more knowledge about their empire when suddenly the weather changed. Finally!  My prayers was answered, the breeze so gentle on my skin, the coldness chills me to the bone. 

Light went out and breeze was increasing, a little wind was whirling up and my eyelids caught the favor of its coldness. I slept for two hours like a baby, then i was up for evening class which i really enjoyed because the weather is still gentle and cold. 

Thank you diary

Song of the day: Owl City vanilla twilight 



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