dear diary 


Dear diary,

There are some days you just want to lay on the ground, cry your eyes for being ungrateful to God. This evening is an example of such days.

Was coming back from school and behold my eyes caught the most beautiful sight ever. I saw the beautiful full moon

it was so perfect. It was as if the moon was going home with me but i knew it was revolving round the surface of the earth by staying beautiful in the sky. This is another way God has miraculously blessed us.

The fireflies 

were just dancing round the reflection from the moon’s brightness and i wanted to stay in the middle of the circle and dance round the air while the fireflies complements me.

“money is not everything, only a living soul can struggle to achieve anything in this life. Once there is breathe, there is hope which leads opportunity and witnessing a bright new day is an avenue to explore our opportunity.

Too beautiful and it’s brightness illuminate the earth. I just had to capture this moment.

Thank you diary


Song of the day: Owl City fireflies


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