health benefits of mango 


  • It is a blood cleansers
  • It fights acidity
  • It is good for normalizing insulin level “it regulate diabetes”
  • It promotes good eyesight:  mango is rich in vitamin A. fights dry eyes and also prevent night blindness.
  • It lowers cholesterol
  • It repairs poor digestion
  • It prevents cancer
  • It cleanses the skin:  Mangoes help you unclog your pores and add freshness to the face. They are applicable to any skin type. They help clear clogged pores that cause acne.
  • It boost concentration and retentive memory.


Just slice a mango into thin pieces and keep them on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and then take bath or wash your face

  • It boost immune system
  • Heat stroke remedy
  • It aids weight loss: the edible fibrous fruit boosts the digestive function of the body by burning extra calories, which aids weight loss.

The mango is a juicy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera.

Mango body scrubMake a paste of mashed mango, honey and milk and use as a body scrub, you will feel that your skin is tender and smooth.

Mangoes for pregnant women: yes it is super safe for pregnant women to eat mango. Mangoes are rich in iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid which are all vital nutrients for your pregnancy. … Mangoes are also naturally sweet.


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