One night but not a ‘stand’


After a long day at work, here comes my favorite part of the day “home” so peaceful. The fall of water on my tired skin, the love making between my tongue and a delicious meal from my favorite food spot, the feeding of my tired eyes with sleep and the bond between my body and the bed. I know you won’t believe i just explained going home been my favorite part of the day with such sweet enticing words. 

Well what can a single guy like me do? why no female figure to go home to right? Am done with relationships, with ladies pretending to be what they are not all in the name of “joining the reigning or happening babes”. My last relationship left me feeling like a dead man while i was just walking around empty but still breathing. Her high demand on unecessary things just to impress her friends was unbearable. All one year and 2months we were together, the relationship was like a beauty training class. I know every makeup brand, all shades of foundation, powder shades, concealer shades, serum and the list goes on. Wait, don’t get me started on clothes brand “oh my wasted time” she was just a real life doll. The day she said it was over, i bought a cake, a large pepperoni cheese pizza and a large pack of juice to celebrate my freedom. Don’t get me wrong, i have my flaws but am not a cheater and my woman comes first.

After my day at work, still another struggle to queue for the bus. I got my ticket and dragged my tired feet to join the line. I totally lost track of what was happening on the queue because my face was buried down to my phone. I was on instagram checking feeds to know what was trending and laugh at people’s post. Suddenly, a lady yelled from the back “hey mister we don’t have the whole night to spend here, you can continue your chit chat later please move forward” i was so shocked by the aggression in her tone and wondered what was biting her up. So, i moved forward to fill the open space. Just to see her face because i know she must be one wrinkled, tired, nagging lady so i looked back “oh my heavens” her beauty stole words from my mouth which made me managed to say “am sorry”.

She didn’t even answer me but i kept my cool to be my normal gentle self and it was my turn but when it got to her turn, the bus was full and by the look on her face, it seems she was in a hurry then i noticed the makeup box she was carrying. She started begging the driver to let her stand which was against the rule. I wanted her to take my spot so she wouldn’t miss her appointment but then i remembered the way she yelled at me and also i wondered what kind of makeup job she was going for that late in the evening.

Well, it’s good to offer help especially to those ones that didn’t treat us right as this would give them the chance to realize their mistakes. I offered to let her sit on my leg provided she was okay with it. She was just staring at me with this expression that confused me because i didn’t know if she was surprised, shocked or angry but to clear my confusion she said yes thank you. she sounded like she didn’t have any other alternative than to be my lap partner “smiling”

To break the awkward silence between us, She apologized for the way she yelled at me earlier and truly i knew she was sorry. I accepted her apology and we introduced ourselves. I was so curious to know what kind of work she was going for that late, well somehow she saw my expression and told me she was a makeup artist which i already figured out on my own. We started talking about different things but she wasn’t concentrating much because she was really worried about her weight till i assured her it was fine. I started talking about cosmetics which left her jaw dropped. she was surprised to know a guy could actually know much about all these. Other passengers in the bus were just looking at us and how fast we bonded despite the hatred in her tone towards me earlier. 

After what seem like forever the bus stopped and yeah it was time to get down. We both alighted at the same bus stop and she explained it’s a wedding for the next day which she needed to stay with the bride and this way she won’t be late. I checked her phone for the address so i would direct her, fortunately the street where she was going is the same street am staying. I checked the number of the house and it was just three houses away from my house. I told her ‘it’s your lucky because you get to have a body guard like me to protect you” she was just laughing.

It was just 6:45pm, we decided to take a walk together to make it more fun and i also told her ‘it was a street tour’ apparently everything that was coming out of my mouth was making her laugh. Indeed kemi was a beautiful lady both inside and out. Yes it’s only been 45mins with her and it was as if i have known her for a long time. She is a mobile beauty therapist, aspiring to own her spa and makeup studio soon, she is a graduate and a body paint artist. She asked few basics things about me which i gladly answered every asked questions. I was seeing her as different from others until she mentioned if my job pays well “really so she is one them, the materialistic type. So i thought at that moment” but then her reason for asking really left me speechless. ‘Steve don’t get the wrong impression ok. Am doing well as you can see and i only ask because most of us, our working place is just a place where we collect pay checks at the end of the month without any passion to what we do” doing what we love and have passion for, is million times better than what brings money but this days everyone just want to compete with each other, travel the world round and to impress. 

‘Wow, your thoughts are truly beautiful kemi’ we were almost in front of the bride’s house when her a call came in on her phone. ‘after the conversation’ I asked what happened, why she had a little sad face on. She answered “the bride said she had been trying to reach me for a while but my phone wasn’t connecting. She said the house is full and ask me to lodge in a hotel but she would pay for it” she was really sorry though

“I offered her my place to stay”

Your house is really nice ‘she said’ wait so you are only trying to be modest, so no one could take advantage of you again like your ex did or what? Well kemi, not really though but let’s just settle in and you must be really tired with the fact that you weren’t sitting well in the bus. 

I showed her the room she would be staying for the night, i gave her all necessary items like toiletries and all. She was really grateful. I went into my room to freshen up and by the time i came out of the room, she had cleaned up the kitchen and put it in place. When she turned back, she saw me and was apologizing for entering but she wanted water and noticed the kitchen. ‘I didn’t expect you to do this now because you must be really tired’ i smiled and thank her.

Haven’t had much fun in a long time,from the dinner we made together, to us eating, watching some interesting programs together on TV, knowing about each other. I was just laughing and i could feel the wrinkles on my face from laughing too much. When we checked the time it was already past 12 in the midnight, so we decided to sleep. In my room i couldn’t sleep, i was just thinking about this vibrant woman in the next room. I have never believed in love sight but this feeling is like our encounter was ordained from heaven. I stood up to check on her if she needed anything and to know if she was ok but to my surprise as i opened the door she was standing outside to knock as well.

We both smiled sheepishly, she couldn’t look into my face. A little bit shy myself i asked if she was ok, she said she wanted to know if i was resting ok. ‘we were having the same thought’ look kemi, i know i don’t know you too well and same goes to you too but i have never been connected like this to anyone ‘while i was still forming Shakespeare with my words, she bit her lips’ which made me lost concentration and didn’t know when i kissed her. She responded back with calmness and passion. Her lips was so soft and the taste of her mouth was like a strawberry mixed with jam, and this kiss lasted for minutes and Later that night we made love and it was divine.

It wasn’t my thing not to make a woman comfortable with me the first time but with kemi, i didn’t regret it which makes me want to protect her, drive her to all her makeup appointment, give my face for her to practice makeup and i do hers and have long gist sessions on a free Saturday. I remembered while i made love to her, she was conscious of her body, she doesn’t have the model figure, a little bit chubby but her heart, her free spirit, her way of caring was all that matters to me.

In the morning i woke up to check in on her, she wasn’t in the room but the room was properly in order, the bed was laid neatly and the rest room was booming of her fragrance. The room was filled with her scent. I rushed to the sitting room she wasn’t there either, then i saw a small note she left on dinning table ‘Steve good morning, am really sorry of how i portrayed myself yesterday night, am usually not like that and i don’t know what came over me. I know by now you must have different thoughts about me and am really sorry. I made breakfast for you even when i know it’s not necessary to do that. Am off to work goodbye and thanks for everything

Wait, she thought all i confessed to her yesterday was to get in her pants? Jeez, what does she take me for?  I was feeling really bad when i remembered she wrote something about breakfast. I went into the kitchen, she made pancakes and tea for me. I ate and freshen up, it was already 10:00am. I picked up my phone to call her, then i realized i didn’t collect her number ‘holy chips’ this is not good. I picked up my car keys and drove down to the bride’s house, though it was just few houses away but just incase she had left, i would drive to the church and wait for the bride no matter how long it takes just to have her number. I saw people coming out of the house dressed gorgeously heading for the venue. I waited patiently till everyone was out but there was no sign of kemi. I was so weak to even follow them to the venue now because i made a really big mistake to have made love to her. Maybe, she would have woke me up in the morning at least have a proper see you again goodbye.

Back to my apartment, i parked the car and noticed i didn’t even lock the door. I entered and saw kemi standing patiently waiting for me. ‘Steve i know i shouldn’t have left like that but i was feeling really guilty and letting myself go that easily. I just wanted to say am really sorry for everything

kemi, you are here not because you wanted to just say sorry but because you felt the same way that i do. I drove down to a house that is just three to four buildings away not just to say sorry but to tell you ‘i want you’ Please stop running and stay with me and i don’t care how much you weigh, we would gym all fat away and made more pancakes together. She smiled and replied ‘am not running anymore’

“I just found a diamond in the rough”

The end. 


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