how i reduced my cravings ‘unnecessary eating’

Do you have unnecessary food cravings? For me it’s like attending to my extra/unwanted fats calling out to crucify me. Even, after eating i still want to chew on something. This is resulting into eating disorder because when the food craving starts, i eat anything i can lay my hands on which are mostly “junks”

Craving? “a powerful desire for something” don’t get me wrong, i didn’t say how i stopped eating but how i reduced and completely controlled my unnecessary food cravings.

These are the hard ways i tried to reduce it. It wasn’t easy at first but with discipline it paid off.

  • Any time the craving starts or a rumbling in my stomach, i drink about 0.51/0.75 litre of water and wait for 10mins. If the rumbling doesn’t continue its craving but if it does then am truly hungry
  • Cleaning up the cooking area/kitchen immediately after eating. When it is clean it would give you this idea of ‘come back later when you properly need to make lunch/dinner/or any meal of the day.
  • I try as much as possible to get junks away from me. i.e they are not easily accessible for me. When you have them around, the more you want to eat them.
  • When the craving is so powerful, i get citrus juice or fruits that contains enough water. Like watermelon
  • This one is really good. Anytime i have a serious craving attack, i just take it walk or distract myself from it with something that has nothing to do with food.
  • When going grocery shopping, make sure you have a full list of veggies and fruits that will last long during this craving period. Enough to occupy the fridge space, so no space for any junk to stay fresh.
  • Lastly, eat what you really feel like eating whenever you are hungry. This will help reduce craving because when you don’t eat what you really hungry for, trust me minutes later you will be hungry for that food again.

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