marry for mama 10 ‘final episode’

I could not look lolade in the eyes because i know i messed up really bad. 

Allison was on her knees begging me to forgive her. Somehow she thought it was her love for me that took over her reaction and she didn’t think before her actions which made me think she learned her lesson, only for her to tell me about the love we once shared and the bond of the child between us ‘is this woman not crazy now’. I was still trying to express my broken feelings and how despicable she had being the past few months when Bryan snatched Shawn away from me with a gun in his hand. My son was terrified, he was trembling with fear ‘am your father, do you remember all the things i thought you and all the times we visited the parks’ said Bryan. Shawn was really shaking by the presence of the gun in his hand. I just pleaded with him to give me my son and have the mother because i have nothing to do with her. When Bryan carried Shawn, the look on lolade’s i can’t even explain. I looked at Allison and i looked at lolade, if anyone walked in the drama scene without been told, the person would have assumed lolade was Shawn’s mother. She was also pleading to allow Shawn down because he doesn’t have anything to do with all these going on. Before i knew what was happening, he pointed the gun at lolade and asked us to leave and never look for them again because they are his family. 

Right there i knew i had to something. I have three important people in my life and you are here holding two of them at danger point, no i would risk anything to save them. Allison was just standing there, looking wasted and doesn’t even know the damage she had caused. “it reminds me of king Solomon story, choosing whom the real mother of the baby was” 

Two hours later

I was just running up and down to save the woman i love so much. About five doctors were trying all their best to save her life. Shawn was crying uncontrollably just to see lolade, so also mum was wallowing in tears. When i couldn’t take it any longer, i ran out of the hospital to look for the nearest bar to drink myself to death. This is a young woman who deserve better but here fighting for her life just for me. On my way out, i met Jide and the look on his face was terrifying which made me thought i was going to receive the best slap or punch in the world but i was wrong.

 “in his voice” Tobi don’t tell me you are going to drink yourself to the last where you would no longer feel anything. You surprised how i figured you going to look for a bar “I couldn’t answer him because i wasn’t surprised, just too weak to speak back” lolade needs our prayers more than ever now. ‘but Jide, she took a bullet for me and this makes me sad because there is no amount of things i would do that could actually measure up to that” don’t worry Tobi, God knows the best okay. Let’s go and pray for her. 

It’s been three days and my lolade is still battling for her life. She is in coma laying and struggling whether to live or not. I held her hand so firmly “my love please wake up for me, Shawn is waiting for you to come around and finish his homework, Mum needs your special delicacies and a daughter to gossip with and i need you to come grow old with me please my love wake up and open those lovely eyes of yours to Illuminate my life all over again” I cried so badly that i could no longer feel my face. 

It’s been 2months since lolade received a bullet for me. While i was trying to get my son back from Bryan and he was warning me to stay away, but before i knew what was happening, lolade was in the pool of her own blood because she received the bullet in my place. “Till now i still don’t know how lolade knew he was going to pull the trigger”  Bryan and Allison fled the scene while Shawn and i rushed lolade to the hospital. Her love for me was real and when she said she was going to stay with, she meant every words. I ran back to the church and this time i asked God to return her back to me and when HE does i promised to dedicate my life to him. 

On my way back to see lolade that evening after my prayers, something just pushed me to enter into a ring shop. I got her a blue diamond engagement ring, till the time she would open her eyes to say yes to my proposal. I got to the hospital and went straight to her room. I met mum, Shawn ran to hug me, Jide was there and my personal assistant to give me daily info on work. This gathering was actually enough for me to carry out my mission. I knelt down close to her, pressed a light kiss on her forehead and my eyes were filled with tears seeing her laying like broccoli. “my love this ring symbolizes your purity, your honest self, your activeness and how you have transformed our lives. Am not good with words but all am saying is that i love you and want you to be my everything” please be my wife now and forever. While i was trying to put the ring on her finger, she’s answered and smiled “yes i will” and this is the worse proposal love confession ever” i was happy to see her bright eyes and smile. The whole room was fill with life, happiness and love. “just the presence of one person brought life into the whole arena”

Months later

I heard Allison was checked into a rehabilitation home and also charged with murder for killing Bryan over drug use. Shawn is the most happiest kid in the world and mum is looking so young everyday now that she found a daughter in lolade. As for me, am holding her till eternity. Lolade Now runs the company, while she also help me set my art studio and my painting exhibition. 

Oh am not going skip the gist at all “smiling” the day she was discharged from the hospital, doctor told us she was pregnant. Yes am going to be a father in months time and of course wedding “Hahahahahahah” right now am on the altar waiting for my beautiful wife to join me in holy matrimony. I must go now, my bride is here.

TOBI: Now i marry for myself too not just my mama and our story begins 


By sheydeahqb


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  1. Wow….. Love is patience,persistence, act of waiting,enduring,supporting & encouraging,worth fighting & dying for and it conquers all…..


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