for the sake of friendship 


Lian was a very simple and quiet lady in her early twenties. Everything about her was low key, she doesn’t like the extravagant and bogus lifestyle. She was in her second year in college, business major and also a fitness model. Her choice of work “modeling” comes with much recognition, public appearances and no hiding for her but somehow she manages to still make her life private. She doesn’t do the friends things but she had one close friend Vianney. 

Vianney was like her sister, she confides in her always and she does as well. From her first year in school there was a guy that really likes her but was too frightened to talk to her and mainly because people see her as too proud or too reserved or too on her own. Only Vianney knew she was down to earth, God fearing and doesn’t discriminate. As long as you have good intentions towards others, focused and you believe in yourself, she would totally adore you.

Unlike Vianney who doesn’t get tired of trying new relationship anytime one fails, Lian doesn’t believe in relationships anymore after her first love disappointed her few years back. Lian’s family stays outside the country and practically she was on her own here. She loved the fact that she could stand on her and her part time job was really paying well to maintain herself and also through school as well.

One day Deon “the guy crushing on her” couldn’t take it any longer, so he walked up to Lian and pour out his mind and his feelings to her. Lian just smiled and replied to him ‘Deon it’s a free word and we are all free to express ourselves’ Deon was surprised because he wasn’t expecting her to be that calm. A popular fitness model, on important sport magazines and she is this humble, wow it’s really surprising and Amazing at the same time.

The small conversation they had really made Deon’s day and that night it was as if they had started dating. He was thinking abiut her all through the night that he forgot about his test the next day. Meanwhile Lian was consumed by Deon’s image. So many rich, cute men disturbing her just for one date night but the guy that has nothing somehow had captured her heart. She was certain it wasn’t love or anything special because it’s was just one time talking and nothing deep was established during their conversation. That evening when Vianney got back from work, she visited her and while they were having dinner she couldn’t help but noticed her blushes cheeks and the constant smile. She asked “who is the guy” Lian pretended she didn’t hear her asked that question and while she was trying to change the subject of question, Vianney asked again but this time she told her about her little chat with Deon and how she couldn’t  seem to get over his thought.

Vianney was really and genuinely happy for her because all her match making never worked and she needs a male figure in her life. Few weeks later Deon and Lian started dating, it was magically. He was everything he wanted, complete gentleman and very honest. Deon is just a struggling young man, very intelligent and this made Lian more in love with him because he had good dreams.

There was a little clause in their relationship which seem really not too tasking. Due to Lian’s kind of job and all eyes on her, she made an agreement with Deon not to be seen with her in school mostly because of the media. Her life is too public enough that she would do anything to protect her relationship. Deon agreed with it as long as this won’t disturb them being a normal couple outside the school walls. Each time they want to go out like to see a movie, Lian doesn’t like them going together. She was just trying to protect her private life till things would become more serious between them. Anytime they were in door, she tries to be as lovely and open to him. They do fun things together, she cooks for him, he braids her hair, do homework together, gist and all other fun things.

Deon wanted the world to know that she belongs to him but the clause between them is killing him and he didn’t talk to her about it. Even though she works with a lot of male figures, from photographers to hairstylist to designers, she never disrespect Deon and as a matter of fact those close to her knows about them.

Lian noticed how the clause was killing Deon, she decided to make Vianney part of the whole thing. Vianney and Deon became friends so Lian could hangout with them without anyone suspecting anything. This would Make people confused who is dating Deon. This way they were able to talk generally and have fun during lunch and free periods. He appreciated her efforts and understand her reasons concerning the clause thing.

Few months later, Deon and Vianney became very close and inseparable. This made Liam very happy that her best friend and her boyfriend are now her 2nd family not knowing Vianney had started developing feelings for Deon. During their three weeks break, Lian had to travel out to see her family and also work on a project. She turned down the offer at first so she would spend two weeks with her family and the last week with Deon but he convinced her to take the job as this would boost her experience into getting more bigger offers. While she was away, everyday of the holiday Vianney and Deon hanged out together to places and Lian end up seeing pictures on instagram at the end of each outing but still didn’t take it the wrong way. She tried everyday to make sure she gets in touch with Deon, video chat, voice chat just so he would feel her presence even thou she was far from him. Most of the time whenever she calls, Vianney is always picking up, telling her they were just talking about her and how she was doing all these for Lian. 

The job that should have lasted for a week, just happened within three days due to enough professionals available and different ideas made the job really fast. She decided to surprise Deon by coming back earlier than expected. She called her uncle to pick her on her arrival which he did. At first She wanted to visit him the following day but changed her mind to visit him that night and to also stay over with him for the first time. She had butterflies jumping in her belly just thinking of how she would be in Deon’s arms throughout the night and sleep peacefully.

Her uncle dropped her, while she went inside to surprise him with her visit. She wanted to knock but was really nervous on how his reaction would be. She held the knob by the door and pull, fortunately the door was opened and to her surprise she saw Vianney and Deon not just kissing passionately, they were also making love. They were both surprised to see her, their faces were filled with guilt and sadness. They knew they had both betrayed the trust and friendship of a good woman. Lian sat down and asked where she had gone wrong for her to get that kind of treatment. They were both speechless. She asked Deon if he had any feelings for Vianney but nothing came out of his mouth. While they struggle to put some clothes on, Lian opened her box and gave them the gifts she got for them and also wished them well in their relationship. Lian walked outside of the apartment to get a cab but saw her uncle still hanging around. She didn’t know why he was still around but was so weak and broken to even ask. 

Two weeks after their first second semester exam, Lian accepted her mum’s offer to be transfered abroad to continue her career and education which she initially declined few months into her relationship with Deon just to be with him.

At the airport!

After her checkings and all, she hugged her uncle and his wife goodbye. she picked up her hand luggage and was walking through to board in, when Vianney and Deon entered the airport to see her. The news of her transfer was all over the local newspaper and school magazines. The uncle Pointed towards the direction she was walking through,showing her to them. They both screamed her name, Lian stopped to look at them, she saw tears rolling down Vianney’s face and guilt written all over Deon’s face but it was too late to be sorry and nothing could stop her. She sighed, smiled and waved to bid them goodbye.

The end 

By sheydeahqb…


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