The unknown Royal blood 2

Later that night, the queen decided to add more rhythm and extra efforts to the bedroom passion. Afte a long shower, which left the king wondering what was taking her so long to come out and rest by his side. She finally came out wearing her best nighties, her scent filled the room from the best oil with sweet savour that was absorbed by her skin. Her long beautiful dark hair still a little bit wet. She stopped in front of the king but unable to look into his eyes because she was developing a cold feet thinking her idea to spice up their intimacy was a bad one.. 

The king’s eyes was filled with love and passion seeing her in a natural form of her true beauty. According to some people / unbased traditions, kings should not make love to their woman(en) because they think it is a slap on the king’s face to surcom to a woman’s need sexually. So kings are just means to have sex with their wife / wives whenever he choose to without any demands of affection from the woman. In king’s DESMOND WILLIAMS ONOHA’S case, it was different. To the queen he was like every normal man, he listen to her, welcome her ideas, they eat together, sometimes braids her hair and every other normal couple’s treats.

Queen VICTORIA WILLIAMS ONOHA tried every kamasutra’s position with the king, the love making was like the first time except this time it was with much experience and pasion. The king had never seen the queen in such form sexually, thirteen years of their marriage. It was like magic, the king was confused and also excited but was still filled with love. 

Much later after the king fell asleep in her arms, she was deep in thought that she didn’t even realized when she started crying. The king pretended to be deep in sleep but was bothered about her mood. The king was confused on how sad she was when they just made special love with each other and how he tried to make her understand his love for her was going to last till eternity. “while the king was thinking with his eyes closed, the queen too was thinking” she was wondering how to table the discussion she had with the village women during their meeting that evening and also with some of the king’s cabinet members.

Few months later, she decided to talk to the king concerning her meeting. Though she was worried and scared how to tell the king the purpose of their love making that night was like a sacrifice to him, so he would grant her request but she summoned courage to face her husband.  She ordered the guards out and knelt before the king but he quickly stood up to help her get up because he doesn’t like his queen kneeling before him to ask for anything except during Royal duties. While the queen was trying to tell him to let her remain on her knees, some of the king’s cabinet members walked in with a beautiful young lady dressed in a royal robe.

Apparently, the queen pleaded with the women not to fight the king or disrespect him because of the request she was about asking them. She stated her childbearing situation to the mothers in the village and her decision to bring in another woman for the king to marry, so she would bear him an heir to the throne. They all murmured at first when they heard her decision because the king’s law doesn’t support that kind of act. She pleaded with them to help her save the future of the king’s name. Her tears touched the heart of the women and they agreed to support her because she was a good queen and a good mother to everyone around. The women took the matter to the king’s cabinet members to seek their support in other to save the king. The modern believers were not happy about it but the ancient believers were rejoicing because they taught the queen was finally understanding their old culture and tradition.

They greeted the king and stated their purpose of the visit. When the king heard that Queen Victoria was the one who wanted him to take another wife, he was furious. The whole palace knew he was angry, his face was red hot like burning embers. The queen knelt down before him, held his leg and buried her face down. She lifted her face when he was calm to find favor in his sight but all she saw disappointment written all over his face. The king looked carefully at her and noticed age was no longer joking with her, he also noticed some strands of grey hair but with that her beauty inside and out and her meekness made the king’s heart calm as cold water.

The king held her up, kissed her and hugged her in the presence of everyone. He said “if this would Make you happy so be it my love”

The queen faked a faint smile but the king did not understand how tired she was of the ancient believers asking him to take another wife and indirectly telling her it was her fault. She made that decision because she knew it was in her place to find solution to her problem despite all medical tests results confirmed she was ok and likewise the king. 

The young lady bow down to the king, “he looked at her with disgust but noticed she was young and pretty” the king gave everyone a slow gaze and finally rest his eyes on the queen. With sadness in his heart, he accepted the woman but refused any noise making marriage ceremony. The king’s heart was troubled because he knew that was the beginning of war.

To be continued


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  1. Now this is different. ..I thought i was about to read a nollywood based regular story line lol. Keep it up sheydea am following


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