Dear diary 

Dear diary, 

Have really missed pening down here to write in you. 2015 was a very tough year, 2016 a year to start on my own and it’s coming to an end. I give God Almighty all the glory. 

Diary, i was asked if i actually believe in love today and my answer was No. The person asking the question was confused because most of my stories are love oriented and how come my imaginations are these beautiful. 

I answered, Sometimes when we close our eyes from the things we found ourselves in and open them to things we really should be doing and places we should be, then we can be anything we want to be. Then he asked if love is for everyone and why so many people seek love and i answered I don’t know why they search for love when we have it  close. 


I don’t have much to call my own but the little i have, is by grace. When love comes for real it will draw u closer to your creator. 

Thank you diary 


Song of the day: Freddie stroma knocking 


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