one night of seduction 1


I would have given myself the title of a damsel in distress, am just sitting here staring at the computer waiting for the ever taking time email my boss asked me to look into to pop up. Am so stressed out, can’t wait to get my butt off this office and hit the bar to cool off, the only hope i have now is today being Friday, chilling with my girls.
The beep sound entered and here it is the email, its from a client requesting to meet with our best marketing figure and he is my boss’s friend from the way he was concerned about the mail. my blood was boiling, am sweating profusely hoping i won’t be the consultant that would be sent to him. without any delay i forwarded the mail to my boss, immediately he requested for my presence and yeah the world is about to crumble this night. This is the only night i get to relax and have fun with my girls and this mail request is about to ruin “i grumbled”

I faked a professional kind of smile but am pretty sure he noticed.

Tonia, i know you are really working hard and Friday night is a night when you don’t have to breathe work or smell work but this offer is huge and you my best employee is the better option for it. This is the kind of offer we need to make sure we take the top spot in this marketing game.

Well i have no choice but to assure him that the product will be purchased from our company and am going to make it happen. i have nothing to loose though, no boyfriend, no child, no commitment, no parent or anyone, just me, myself, i and my work except for my girls that knows how to make my day cheerful and have my back always.

its about 4 in the evening driving to the client’s office, many things was going through my head like why my boss is giving him a special attention? why can’t he come down here like every other clients does? what is it about him?
About 30minutes endless straight driving, i parked in front of this tall building. something tells me his office would be located at the top floor because am so sure the building is not for one person. I was directed to his office by the receptionist as i walked in to ask of   him. yes, its the last floor and while i was in the elevator “it is a transparent glass elevator” i noticed the building is just for one business which means it belongs to a company.

I knocked at the door shown to me by a pretty young lady, a low muscular thick yet sexy voice followed the knock and asking me to come in, i went in, his head was buried on the desk and without seeing his face i could tell by the dark silky hair of his that he is a young man. he raised his head and i was amazed, his whisk voice asking me to sit down sent a shimmied down my spine, his well toned bulging biceps, his broad shoulder, his well molded slightly pinkish and sensual lips, and oh my goodness his pale blue eyes yet firmly focused on me weaken my legs. he strethed his hand towards me, you must be Miss Tonia Burn checking his phone with the other hand to get the name right which i guessed was been sent by my boss, i replied him with a little smile saying yes sir and you must be Mr, Stone Wilde.

I could tell by the look on his face he is not much of the smiling type, and he is so about work, he handed me some documents whih made our skin slightly touched each other i could hear the vibration rumbling from my belly, i was almost lost in deep unprofessional thought when he snapped me back to reality saying after you miss burn. I analyzed all to him, he was quite impressed by the way i made all the paper work sound simple and convincing.


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