one night of seduction 2


he called for a conference meeting with his board members, i was wondering what kind of person he is, his background to be the owner of this huge successful company at his age and everyone respects him, both young and old. He introduced me and the whole talk was about my company handling the contract. During my presentation, his eyes were fixed on but i tried to be professional and all of them were impressed with my presentation. For what seems like forever the meeting was brought to an end, we were left alone in the conference room. I could barely look directly in his eyes without feeling so tensed and intimidated by his charming looks.

So miss burn, you will be working with me for the next five days of the purchase, transfer and installing of the products.
My company is involved in selling restaurants supplies and his company on the other hand acts as an intermediary between companies that are in need of any products supplies and company like us.
I told him i need to get back to my boss to give him feedback on how the meeting went and our conclusion.
he gave me this smile that could tell that am a little bit naive or something, i just told him he needs to know how things went and his take on me working from here to get all business transactions fast as possible.
My phone ranged, he gave me this approving look for me to pick up the call, it was my boss he congratulated me for getting the job done and i replied of course i didn’t know u have been informed sir, he told me not to mess things up and the future of getting the company to higher standard with this deal lies in my hands. during the conversations between my boss and i, i could feel his gaze stripping me naked out of this dress am wearing and this gave me goose bumps.
So starting from Monday i would be shuffling work between umbrella groups of company and off shore warehouse (my company warehouse). i picked up my things, went to his office to tell him i was leaving.

“Miss burn wait before you leave” sir i would appreciate it if you can call me Tonia. he smiled “can he stop smiling and showing off his gorgeous white teeth” okay Tonia, whatever you want. Is there anything you would like to know before Monday? “No sir” i replied and left.

6:10pm time to bond with my girls.


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