one night of seduction 3


I needed some fresh air so I could breathe from this intimidation, have never felt this much of spark before. i realized going out wont help me, so I called my girls to cancel our bonding time.  They were disappointed because ever since I started working here i barely have time for them. All i needed was to get home and work on how to make this deal a success also a good sleep is required.

Getting home I just tossed my bag somewhere, gets off those killer stiletto heels, straight off to the room and it’s all good night. I basically slept in my clothes because i was too tired from work and also drained by infatuations to undress myself.

It’s Saturday morning, the sunrise is so beautiful and i could think of million things to do right now except the thought of my new temporary boss popped in my head again. Those pale blue eyes, his firm touch, his biceps and his lips wondering if it’s soft or firm, what it would tastes like and many part of my body I would love for it to explore.
Focus Tonia the future of your company to be the best supplying firm is in your hands and you can’t start this fantasy dreaming “that’s inner me talking to myself”
I don’t need all these, there is a good reason why have been off dating market for almost 2years and that’s because it’s not my thing. I don’t have time for romance, fantasizing about a man who has no single interest in fun just business…

I laid on the bed like broccoli thinking out loud, my phone rang from the sitting room. I rushed down to pick it up and its my new boss “how did he get my number? though i have his number stored because he is calling on my business phone. He just said the right thing “good morning Miss Burn, it’s Wilde and am sure you wondering how I got your contact details?  “in my mind I was answering like, yes how did u get it Mr cute no smiling and business oriented” well since you will be working for me I think it’s better we get to know each other so we can relate well or what do u think?  “once again in my mind I was like yes i want us to get comfortable, kiss me, make love and let me moan your name loud” Miss Burn are you there? yes sir and Tonia is better since u want us to get comfortable around each other.  Okay great, so i was hoping we could visit the warehouse later today so i get to see some of the product samples and i already spoke to your boss about it, it’s not a problem and i will pick u up by 12. As he was about to hang up, I asked if he won’t be needing my address. I could hear the sound of his smile from the other end of the receiver, this sound makes me shiver and all in my head now his how his gaze will be on me when am exploring him. He just answered saying he will be pick me by 12 if its okay by me. “of course who am i to say no to Mr perfect smile” Thank goodness i didn’t say that loud. yes Mr Wilde its okay by me.

I think this is just the effect of stress nothing serious and nothing a little good workout and amazing breakfast can’t handle. “Tonia please keep it professional, you are smart” me talking to myself again.


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