see through me


Boring day as usual, so i decided to waste my unused time on instagram.

You know that one popular guy on intragram that has many female followers and barely follows anyone but his followers don’t even mind if he is following or not as long as he gets their notifications on his page of their likes and comments is enough for them? When he gets to reply one of them it’s like getting a green card to paradise without judgment “yes we all know that feeling”

As i was scrolling through my feeds, i came across his recent post but liking it won’t change his altitude. later that night, i got an annoying tagged notification from a friend, who tagged me in his see his shirtless post. immediately I felt like yelling at the tagger why she did that but, i must admit he is naturally cute.
while i was still reading comments under that post, mostly from girls. This same friend of mine also tagged him on my post and he commented, i was wondering why he noticed a chubby normal regular girl like me. To make it interesting I got 25likes and 5comments on my post, he liked every one of my post and comment on five pictures which I was barely looking attractive in them. I just pretended I didn’t notice but, deep down I was very happy that he liked my post, not one but all.

Few hours later I got another notification in my dm (direct message) and the message was from him, i was shocked and surprised. In his words “hey I was tagged in your post and used that opportunity to check your profile, don’t take this wrongly but I must confess you are naturally blessed and very simple. Your natural beauty is everything and you seem different from girls here. My name is olami here is my number please message me on whatsapp, I could use a friend like u right now, just want to be a friend and I await your reply.
He proved me wrong that people are not what we think they are on social media. He is my good friend now in fact we have a double date next week. My boyfriend and I, ola and his girlfriend it’s going to be fun I know and I can’t wait for the date to come (excited)

“Don’t judge a book by its cover
Try and open the pages to understand the cover”



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