one night of seduction 4


It was almost 12 my wardrobe looks like a war zone, have tried everything on and it’s seems nothing fits right. It’s either too sexy or too casual. I don’t even know why am getting all worried about how I should look. Why am i getting worried? Why should I look so perfect? For who? Have never been in this state in a long while though, it’s like am getting dressed for prom except in this prom it’s a business meeting and my date is charming but not a prince and he is temporarily my boss too.
On a normal day am not even suppose to accompany a client to the warehouse for sampling. we usually send workers from the factory to drop the samples to their offices. Well in Mr. Wilde’s case it’s a huge deal for my company, my boss is counting on me to deliver and i need to put this assignment first and stop worrying about my unusual butterfly rolling belly feelings.

At exactly 12 I heard the door bell “who could that be? Yes am expecting My new boss but not this early and he turned out that he was also “the keep to time” sort of man and that puts the icing on the cake. I opened the door “oh my heavens” just this sexy piece of God’s work right here, he was looking so ravishing and soft in this short, simple T-shirt and a pair of kicks. His pale blue eyes were looking so brighter, a little bit watery and bigger. I managed to say “good afternoon Mr. sorry Wilde” and u are early, he smiled and replied my greetings.
Yes Miss Tonia, it’s a beautiful sunny day and i  didn’t want to keep you waiting but i guess i was too early right?
No its perfect, tried acting professional like my work is everything “but seriously aside work life I have no other life” I was confused if i should invite him in or just pick my bag and go with him. He told me he would be waiting for me in the car and i should take my time. Few minutes later we were on our way to the ware house. I was a little bit nervous and intimidated by him but kept my cool so i won’t at foolish. I was watching how firm his hands were holding the steering it gives him this sort of control that can drive anyone crazy. Now am thinking of how he would love to be in charge seductively and also in a romantic way, pleasing his woman in all areas and making her surrender like it’s in paradise. I was in my deepest thought when he asked me question which I didn’t even know till he tapped me and said Tonia directions i think we are going to be lost if you keep getting this deep in your thoughts.
I tried smiling a little bit and pointing out the next route to follow, then he asked the unthinkable. So he has been studying my reactions all these while but pretended as if he wasn’t seeing anything aside work. He stopped the car looked straight in eyes, cupped my face with his hands. Tonia are u intimidated by me? Before i could answer that question, my knees were so weak, my heart was racing “my God please i don’t want to fall in love” our lips meet and this i couldn’t resist.

Throughout the sampling inspections, I tried so much to avoid him but he was just irresistible and too much to handle. Tonia is everything okay? “Really did he just ask that, we kissed though it was awesome but it’s wrong” yes Mr. Wilde, everything is fine.
He wanted us to grab a bite after but i declined because i have no more strength to handle all these and i just want to focus on getting the job done. He dropped me home and walked me to my door before saying goodbye. He was too rigid, he didn’t even mention the kiss or act like it happened but to be honest am the only one in this, with this weird feeling and what do i expect from him when he didn’t ask me out or something and besides we just met and am already acting like a high school fresher getting to be noticed by her crush.

Errm Tonia, thank you for your time today, i really appreciate it and am sorry for acting that way back there, I didn’t wish for the kiss to happen i was just uhmmm am really sorry. Will see you on Monday right?

Yes of course sir “He just shattered the last strength i had left”


One response to “one night of seduction 4

  1. Love is complicating yet easy but lust is easy yet it can ruin imaginations and beautiful dreams. Keep it up this is beautiful


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