love, champagne, romance,Dior

Could this be love or just an attraction?

Zack is on his way to the cementary to bury his wife Gabby which he would never have imagined his actions could kill anyone.

Well let me take you guys back to the beginning.

Zack first met gabby in a club. He was a very wild party loving, high on life type of guy and she on the other hand was a complete female version of him. After hitting quite few clubs that very night, none meets his demands of fun so he promised not to stop there but continue on his quest to enjoy his Friday night. His friends suggested they have had enough and home would be a good resort at that point in time but he didn’t listen, they left him on his quest alone and gabby was really wasted but she also wanted more of the Friday night than going home to sleep which sounds boring to her. she dished her friends and was stepping out to go find a better way to party hard when she bumped into zack who had the ideas like her. You would have thought there was a connections the way they stared at each other while Zack was holding her tight.

They exchange greetings and their craziness matches, so they had fun together that night and ended up at gabby’s apartment. They had steamy, wild crazy sex which am still wondering how they both enjoyed that if they were that much wasted but apparently they had more Friday nights together which was kind of their thing “which means they enjoyed it”

Three months into their friday-relationship, they both introduced their friends to each other but to their friends they knew they weren’t meant to be together because all they could see was just the champagne and the Dior. Where is the love and romance?

Zack own an outdoor event company while gabby was a great designer and a fashionista. Talk about clothes, the color combo, the body, the figure, the wildness, and of course the craziness are the things that drove Zack insane about her. Gabby had never once thought if aside all these, there was any spark between them. Although gabby wasn’t like this before but because of rejections she got from men taming her boring and having no sense of the other world, this made her vow to be as freaky as she can just to never miss out on things to be on the right side of life.

Things started getting serious between that made her really happy she had found the one. There were so many things she wasn’t comfortable with about Zack but she thought the more they get to know each other, she would be able to change him. Zack was an orphan who had nothing growing up but strived to get to where he was. Though he later found out about his real parents but they weren’t the best of things he wished to know about them. Gabby introduced Zack to her parents and instantly they weren’t connecting with him. Some of Gabby’s friends already told the parent the kind of person Zack was, even before the introduction her mum wanted her to make sure she was getting involved with the right person but she vowed and promised her mum all would be fine.

Two weeks after Zack met with gabby’s parents, she noticed her body wasn’t functioning well. It was like something wasn’t right. She told Zack and they went to the hospital. After several test, it was later confirmed she was pregnant. Gabby was very happy but Zack was worried about how this would change their lives and mostly restrict them from their Friday ever fun relationship goals. Also he was concerned about how her body would change. She called her parents and told them about the pregnancy, she had made up her mind to keep the baby. Friday of that week, Zack called Gabby’s friends, parents and some of his friends, he planned a surprise dinner for gabby. He proposed to her, which was really surprising to everyone but its all for Gabby so they all cheered them up and she said yes. One of the reason she was certained he was the one, because he gave up a Friday night of fun to plan dinner just to surprise her with the proposal.

Four months after the wedding, she was also four months and some weeks gone in her pregnancy too. He always try to be a devoted husband, taking care of her but not satisfied with the way his fun had to stop like that. During the period she was pregnant, he would still want them to go out and have fun well she doesn’t have a choice but to save her marriage since this was how they met each other. Months later she gave birth to two boys, which she had severe complications but she survived it.

Zack couldn’t believe how things had changed so much for him. Each time he comes back from work, the smell of the house is either baby poo, baby food, baby oil and the settings has changed. His man cave was full of toys, the room nothing of wild sex going in there again and whenever he looked at Gabby, she looks like a water baloon. She had changed so much that she herself didn’t realize it. They both patched this marriage for Two years that she was tired of trying. She couldn’t even imagimed how long they have spent time as a family or even have sex together, when all she wanted was love making from her husband. He doesn’t come home early, he finds every single mistake of her as an opportunity to party late.she couldn’t tell anyone because she was too ashamed to face her biggest fear “we told you so”

She decided to get herself back in shape, she tried so many  way to loose weight. She was taking different concoction whether it is healthy for her body or not but as long as it will get her husband back, she was ready. Her friends advised her to slow down, her mum and even the doctor warned her because of her complications during child birth, she doesn’t need stress and she should watch what she was taking. She snapped back into shape and it truly worked, it brought the old Zack back. The partying continues, she Even got a breast augmentation when he complained of her falling breast.

One friday night after much partying, drinking and all their wild stunts, as Zack was trying to get a taxi, gabby slumped and lost consciousness. The taxi man helped him to get gabby to a nearby hospital. The doctor saw how wasted Zack was, so he couldn’t ask much from him. She was taken into the emergency room and the doctors were trying to revive her. In the morning when he was ok, the doctor told him of how bad her situation was. He called her parents and they got there as soon as possible. High amount of cocaine was found in her system, both of her kidney had failed and there was no way she was surviving that, the doctor explained to them all. Zack was blank, he knew that was all for me. The story he heard about his parent actually re-lived again in his life. He went in to see gabby, that was when he noticed how thin she was, how pale she was. For the first time he told her how he loved her so much but was hiding behind being wild.because he was also rejected by few ladies he met that told him he was too boring. Gabby opened her eyes and smiled, she loved him so much but couldn’t open up just because he feared to loose him just like everyone else. She was wild becuase she thought this would make men not look down on her again and realize she was comolete. Everyone in the room were sobbing like a water fall. Few hours later gabby was pronounced dead. It was too late to make things right.

Months after her burial, Zack was checked into a rehabilitation home, the twins were adopted by Gabby’s parent.

The End

By sheydeahqb


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  1. Damn mehn, this is not love but lost, there are way of finding love, when you decide to get one in a club this is what ends it. Choose wisely people.

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