The unknown royal blood 3


Few weeks after, the silent wedding took place between the king and his new young bride, everything in the palace was going well. Queen Victoria still remains the apple of the king’s eye despite all shades of prettiness in the new queen. A night that the king was meant to spend with Queen Lilian, he was finding it difficult to give his body to another woman. He is the king, nobody will compell him for anything but in his case, he relates with everyone equally and in a very simple way that everyone have access to the palace, to him anytime.

Queen Victoria assured him all will be well and it’s for both of them and also the future of the people. She Even accompanied him to the door of queen Lilian’s room just for him to feel supported and not alone. The king was like a virgin on his first night afraid of how he would impress and not screw up. When he entered, Queen Victoria left for her room and cried her eyes out. She has never imagined her situation to turn out this way, yet she knelt down in her tears and cry to her creator to give her the strength to be strong and handle it well.

Things in the palace was still great, Queen Lilian respected the first queen and took her as a big sister. She asked for permission before doing anything in the palace. Anytime the king is on any journey, she would plead with Queen Victoria to sleep in her room, they would talk for hours before sleeping. The king was happy about the peace in his home but not happy completely because he never wished to go against his own law to his people and he never wished to share his body with any woman except with his heartthrob Queen Victoria.

Exactly a month after their wedding, Queen Lilian was pregnant which the doctor confirmed when she was taken to the hospital after complaining of fever. Queen Victoria was really happy and yes she wished it was hers but still the same time it’s the king’s child which makes it hers as well. Queen Lilian knelt down to thank Queen Victoria for her good and kind heart towards her and all her teachings about marriage which makes it easy for her to go through it.

Two weeks after the two queens told the king, the whole villagers were already talking about it. The members of the cabinets were suppose to keep it as a secret but trust me the ancient believers brought it upon themselves to be the town crier and spread the news. Queen Lilian was taken to another palace where pregnant queens would be staying during their pregnant periods. She wanted Queen Victoria to come and look after her, she found so much peace with her around but some cabinet members didn’t like the relationship between two queens.

A meeting was held between the king and his cabinet members. They said it was wrong for the two queens to leave the palace at the same time. The king had no choice than to ask his first wife to stay behind, since queen Lilian will be getting more help there, no need for anyone to be worried. She stayed behind and accepted her husband’s request. After a short period of time, the king’s altitude started changing towards her. His visit to queen lilian’s place was actually becoming more often than usual and unnecessary. Well she actually understand its all for the benefit of their hard work to building their good names all these while. The king hardly come around to be himself but she wasn’t the type that like to complain and as a matter of fact some members of his cabinet thinks its the best way to act so its actually okay.

Two months later, queen victoria started feeling some unusual discomfort, pain, she was always tired, weak and always nauseated. This was really making the palace maids worried because she was more of a mother to them than a queen. She loves them as if they were all her own. She told them not to worry and not a word to the King.

The pains was becoming unbearable for her, one day when the king was out on a royal quest, she arranged to see a different Doctor not the family hospital. She didn’t want anyone to find out anything, so she choose a private hospital far from the palace. When she was leaving, she asked her favorite maid to come with her. Hannah was like her daughter, she was loyal to her since she was a kid. The queen rescued Hannah one morning when she was going out. She heard a baby crying from a box, her tears drew the queen’s attention, she opened the box and there was a note inside that says “good morning, if you are reading this, its because you have opened the box. Am not a cruel or a bad mother but her father abandoned us and it really difficult taking care of her. I love her so much and I don’t want anything to happend to my girl. Her name is Hannah please take care of her and when she is come of age she can help you at home” Since then Hannah was like a daughter to the queen, she was given a good education and was treated like a royal blood.

When they got to the hospital, the queen ask her to wait in the reception area while she see the doctor. All necessary protocol was observed, and all her documents were soft work no hard copy, just to make sure everything was confidential. She went in to see the doctor when everything was set. After like an hour all tests were carried and she was asked to come back in three days time.

After three days

She went back to the hospital ensuring that no one was following them, Hannah waited by the reception area as usual while she went in to see the doctor. The look on the doctor’s face wasn’t encouraging but she was determined to be strong. The doctor told her she was pregnant, she was really happy but the other news wasn’t what she would have wanted to hear. She has cancer of the lungs and its already in the third stage. Hannah on way her to the rest room, she heard everything but couldn’t help it, she cried so hard that the queen came out only to see her on the floor crying hard. 

Mum this is not fair, why you? The queen console Hannah and make sure this secret is between the three of us please.


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