Pillow talk #4 ‘how long after the number’

How long after the number? 

When a guy gets your number, after the little introduction, the question is how long does it take to call you? 
Am sure something must have attracted him to you before he walk up to you and do a little cute introduction then, you both exchanged numbers. you gave it like 30-1hr he didn’t call to give you that ‘hey beautiful, it’s me, you just gave me your digits’ then you do the little shy smile and act like a doll while talking, and stroking your hair like the weave was going to come out ‘smile’

For some men, its instant and while for some it will take them days to finally call. If he doesn’t call immediately does that mean he is not responsible? 

How long after the number?Why can’t you give him a call and let him know you really know what you doing. Is there a law that says the woman can’t call the man? Will this make you look clingy? The answer is No. 

So ladies after exchanging numbers, if he doesn’t calk you after a day, do yourself a favor and call him. 

Drop your comments, let me know what you think. 


6 responses to “Pillow talk #4 ‘how long after the number’

  1. The truth is, it is far better to call sooner but to make shorter calls. But most times the “3days rules” tends to work for everyone as it prevents one from appearing needy.

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  2. That’s not a big deal in calling a guy after exchanging each other’s contact, if i expect his call and he didn’t then i will call him myself probably he might have lost my contact. Its not really a big deal for a lady to call…


  3. If it were to before, I would say no that i can’t do that but in this modern days things has changed alot… So if i call him it doesn’t make me cheap or worthless or classless. I really like this topic.


  4. Am married to my husband for six years now and i remember waiting for him to call for almost one week and he didn’t. So i called him and he said he has been going to our meeting point everyday to look for him because he lost his phone, he was do happy that i called. So it’s not much of a big deal to me


  5. It’s actually not a big deal for the girl to do the talking but it’s like tradition that i think women always believe in that the guy should do the chasing and all. For me I don’t see anything wrong if i call him. If i don’t like him, I won’t stop you exchange numbers with him


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