One night of seduction 6

A complete gentleman to a fault… Why did he stop the kiss? Why is he always leading me on and stopping half way? But isn’t this what have always wanted? all these questions i ask myself as he was driving me home. 
We are here he said’ thank you so much for the ride and for the record i wasn’t avoiding/ignoring you, i just thought i felt something that ‘then i paused, because nothing was coming out of my mouth as words again’. ‘Wilde smiling’ it’s very hard for me to continue or start anything with anyone, am in the process of divorce with my wife “he sighed heavily” which i kept on the low because i didn’t want any romantic hassle that would disorient my focus at work. Tonia, look at me ‘he said with a commanding sweet tone’ am sorry if you thought i was what you wanted but trust me, you are my kind of person but you won’t understand what am feeling right now. The craziness going on in my head now and it’s not easy. 

Mr Wilde, do you love your wife? I asked and he sighed heavily again. This night is not the time to discuss that but i wish when am ready, you will be here for me and the earth will go back revolving around the sun again. He walked me to my door and bade me goodnight… And Tonia i hope you won’t miss the party tomorrow, it all because of your hardwork. ‘he smiled’ why can’t this smile be mine? Yes of course i would be attending… 

Throughout the night i was not myself. I thought we were about starting something together but like it was, it’s reality and the real world. Come to think of it, Wilde married? Or almost used to be married? He never mentioned it to anyone. He doesn’t talk much about himself but i could see the emptiness inside of him despite owning alot to his name. I guess wealth, fame and power isn’t everything then. I slept off while dreaming about our locking of lips, the passion and the way he gave himself completely. 

In the morning, shola my best friend called that she was outside my door. Like really ‘girl don’t you sleep or something’ she smiled and was happy to meet me home on a weekday morning. Its been a long time i saw her and am sure loads of gist was waiting for me. After breakfast, we had a long chat and i told her everything about Wilde. She advised me to take my mind off him hoping for the best but at the same time expecting disappointment from him. We later went shopping to get me a dinner gown. We ended up buying something really nice but it was more of a simple, elegant cocktail dress. I dropped shola off on my way back and it was 2hrs to the party. 

I received a call from my boss, reminding me of the party and still congratulating me for taking the company to a greater height. While i was staring at the invitation card,  i changed my mind not to look down or sell myself short but to meet people and enjoy the night. So i decided to wear something different. I wore a black dinner gown, embedded with dazzling stones, with a nice heel, a neatly packed up-do and a mild makeup. 

The whole red carpet part wasn’t my thing, which i avoid by going a little bit late. When i walked in, Wilde was giving his welcoming speech which i stole the moment from him. Everyone turned to look at me as i made my way into the beautiful decorated hall. I wasn’t bothered about their gaze, till I noticed he had stopped talking and was staring deeply at me. It felt as if my dress was going into pieces to give me air to breathe and my legs were finding their way to run from the heels. I just smiled and find my sit fast before i faint. 

After the all boring protocol part was observed, it was time for champagne, meet and greet, party! Party!! Party!!! I had a little chatty time with my boss and some other companies who were intrigued by the awesome remarks and recommendation i got from Wilde, while he was giving his speech. I went out, it was a little bit cold and i noticed a beautiful, tall, model figure lady with a man and a woman talking with Wilde and also Bella was trying to get every cute male species’s attention to notice her with her over tight, uncomfortable figure revealing dress, she had on

Few minutes later, he came looking for me and when he did it was awesome. You look really beautiful, and thank you for stealing my moment back there. ‘I smiled’ we had a normal chat and at about 10pm the party was brought to an end with a vote of thanks speech from the lady. Wilde told me the lady was his ex wife with a confused expression on my face ‘I would like to relax at your place before going home, maybe for a cup of cofee’ without minding to explain further and a look that says please don’t ask anything. 

I made him a cup of coffee, i was surprised with the way he made himself at home like he was no stranger. Tonia please sit down, I need to explain things to you’he said’. “In mind I was wondering if this was that moment he was talking about that he prayed to see and explain things, if i would still be here for him” Grecha’s dad and My Dad used to be best friends before he passed away. ‘am so sorry about your dad and please who is Grecha? she is my ex wife that gave the closing remarks. We married because of the bond between both families and also as a way to show appreciation to his family for reviving my dad’s company when we were in debt. 2years of marriage we were like total strangers with two complete different lives. 

‘He stopped and looked into my eyes’ Tonia am empty inside with all these going on for me. Please am not ready for games, i thought i would never be swept off my feet by any woman but you did when i set my eyes on you the first day. He moved closer, my heart was racing a relay and am sure Usain Bolt can’t even meet up with the pace. He kissed my hands, stroked them lightly, my forehead, the bridge of my nose ‘I was praying to God to give me strength not to collapse if he stops again’ this time the kiss was very intense, his tongue warm and every stroke was filled with passion. He stopped “you have to be kidding me right now” he asked me to stand up ‘his voice changed, with more seducing tone’ his gaze on my body, he stood up and unzipped me out of the dress, staring and analyzing every curves and part on my body. I was becoming a little bit shy and uncomfortable, then He carried me, while i showed him the way to the room. 

Final episode nextweek. 


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