Pillow talk #5 ‘the status changing’

The status changing and what next? 

You both have been dating for quite sometime, it has always being argument, fight over when he will propose. Finally he did after a long time and it’s going to take another years of argument, fight all over again when the wedding would be. 

For some people, they don’t have to wait for long to get the ring. It’s like everything just sets in immediately and before you know, they are both on the aisle/altar making vows and changing status. 

Now, let’s take it back to the fact and the real world people. Is it really about the wedding or the marriage? Is it really about the house or building home together? Is it about changing relationship status or maintaining it when it is changed? 

Most people are really scared of commitment. Have actually had a conversation with a guy in his early thirties, he has everything in place and i asked why he is not settled. He said the idea of seeing the same face for the rest of his life, doing the same thing, knowing everything about each other and nothing new again after few years really scares him a lot. Then i explained to him in my own understanding that you can be with one person for the rest of your life but doing it everyday in different ways and this is called ‘SPONTANEITY‘. What about when you make the vows, the pregnancy, the babies, the New house, the vacations and so on. These are different ways to be together in one life. one thing i know for sure is that no matter how long you know someone, you can’t know all about them.  

Another chat i had with an older friend, she was complaining of not getting the ring. Then she explained how her friends are all getting married or engaged. These had made her mount pressure on her partner for the ring and when the ring comes, there is nothing special about it. 

Guys if your plan/goal is not to make her your wife and truly love her, don’t toil with her feelings or waste her time. Ladies, if it’s just for the pre-wedding shoot or joining the ring gang or changing the status please don’t force it. 

Whatever relationship we want to go in, before saying yes to a proposal, before saying yes to that guy/girl disturbing you, talk to God first and make sure to listen to his voice in reply. 

Thanks for reading and remember am not a life coach or a relationship expert, am just trying to reach out to you all with my own opinion


6 responses to “Pillow talk #5 ‘the status changing’

  1. Feeling comfortable enough to be totally gross around each other should be one of the factors one should consider in choosing a partner. Being able to be “gross” in front of your partner indicates a level of comfort and trust and believe me this is totally amazing..😀😀😀😀😀

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  2. The startup of every relationship determines its end, if you start ur relationship as a result of uncontrolled sexual passion, you might b doing a very big mistake cos u get tired of it. If ur getting married cos he or she is rich then ur wants becomes insatiable etc. Remember, he or she should be ur complement…

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