The unknown Royal blood 4

Queen Victoria began her secret visiting to the hospital to know more about how her baby would be safe even if anything happens to her. While she was carrying on this her secret plan, the king on his arrival from his royal quest went straight to queen Lilian’s place as suggested by some his cabinet members. 
Hannah on the other hand was always doing everything to make sure Queen Victoria lacks nothing and she was always at her beck and call. She even reads her night tales, stay by her bed side till she falls asleep and in the morning she wakes her up with breakfast and prepares healthy smoothies and work her through her health routine. Some of the maids started noticing her serious weight loss and her constant tiredness but as always, she told them not to worry. One visiting day to the hospital, she asked the doctor how her baby would be safe and also how she could keep it a secret from everyone. 

The following week Hannah received a huge amount of money deposited in her account. As she was about to scream, The queen tapped her from behind, asked her to remain calm. She explained what the money was meant for and how she would be helping her save her child. A week later the king was back to the palace. He wanted to see his wife, his love but so many assignments were already waiting for him. Some of his cabinet members suggested he go see the queen while others thinks it’s not a pressing matter but whichever decision he makes, the queen was always in support. 

After all assignments were attended to, he rushed to the room to see His wife. She was happy to see him. The hug was long that the king felt something strange in her belly. “he asked” my love are you okay? You look pale and thin, is everything okay? And for a second there i thought i felt something moved in your belly. Most times whenever i touched Lilian’s belly, i wished it were yours. “her eyes was filled with tears” The king wiped it before letting it drop.  Look,  i know this wasn’t how you pictured us years back but i promise you after the baby “she stopped him from making any promises with a kiss” my lord, i understand everything and am only pale because have not being eating. Why? ‘he asked’ My lord, you know i don’t like eating alone and i love being spoon fed by you. this brought a deep smile to the king’s face and immediately they went to eat and had a good time together. He made love to her that night, this made the queen realized the depth of their love. 

Queen Lilian was three months pregnant, while Queen Victoria was earlier with two weeks. One evening while the king was strolling in the palace garden with his first wife, she suddenly collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital and the result of her diagnosis shocked the king and everyone in the palace. Somehow Hannah was very fast to tell the doctor there not to mention her being pregnant to anyone which made the queen very happy. The king asked his cabinet members not to say a word about his wife’s illness to anyone but some people already heard about and soon it was all over the town at large. The ancient believers told the king to be strong and to focus on his unborn child with queen Lilian and also a bright future ahead with her as she was young. When queen Lilian heard about her illness, she was heartbroken and demanded to see her immediately but she was denied this request as it is a tradition to stay in during the royal pregnancy period. 

Two weeks later, arrangements was made for her to travel out of the country for her treatment even though it’s all too late for that but the king had a strong faith. He even suggested to go with her but it’s not possible. Before her traveling, he showered her with lots of love, affection and attention. He cancelled all meetings, visitations and invitations just for his undivided attention. He didn’t even remember he has two wives. On the day of her traveling, Hannah was the only one she approved of to follow her and highly recommended nurses. 

He hugged her like it was the last and tried to hide his tears from people as the king is not allowed to shed tears. Some women came to bade her farewell and also show support and love. They know the palace and the town at large won’t be the same again without her. 

6months later, queen Lilian had a baby boy and the news of Queen Victoria’s death was sent to the king. 


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