Pillow talk #6 ‘does the size of the rock matters?

You must be wondering what rock am talking about here, right? 
How big should the rock on the ring be? You know the diamond ring, the shinny beautiful rock on it. Does the size matters? If it’s not expensive and bold does it matter? 

The big ring scenerio“Oh my goodness, he just proposed with a 24 carat diamond engagement ring and it’s so gorgeous “new instagram post, new facebook post, new snapchat post, instagram story, twitter and all these posts is just about the ring and it’s blings. 

The small ring scenerio” for social media, no post about it, maybe just status that says i finally said yes. 

And i ask again, doesn’t the size of the ring really matters? 

As long as you both love each other so much, the heart beats for love and not lust or diamond rock. What if he proposed with the holy book (HOLY BIBLE / HOLY QURAN) will the answer remains yes?  He doesn’t have much but wants you to know he is not playing and wants to be taken serious. He managed to get a small ring and promised later to change it, will this answer still be yes? 

This is not an advice but my random thoughts on why some ladies wants the big diamond rock rings. I just want to know if it changes anything. 


5 responses to “Pillow talk #6 ‘does the size of the rock matters?

  1. I love a huge rock diamond ring but it doesn’t define my love for him. If he can’t afford it then, it doesn’t stop me from loving him.


  2. The size doesn’t matter to me… But as you ve said, some ladies really want the big rock for show off. If that’s what he can afford why not. As long as his heart chooses to be with me.


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