Dear diary 

Dear diary

It’s a beautiful tired morning for me. Preping for finals in second year and having one more session to go, it’s like an anti-social stage of life… 
Thanks to the beautiful singing mosquitoes that woke me up from my unnecessary long sleep because I refuse to spray the room. My system is shutting down from being too tired but thank God for the fleshy part covering it all. 

It would have been funny if there was no flesh covering the inner part. For those that are used to saying ‘my heart beats for you’ 😂 we would see if it really beats the name. For those that do say ‘I can’t breathe without you’ 😂😂😂 or for those that lie that they haven’t eaten since morning “hahahaha”

Lol!!!  Enough of my joking around and time to go do some blood test in the lab “life of a lab technician” it’s a good bio story for me

Don’t forget to visit my instagram page on the 25th for my 6months blog contest. Have a great weekend y’all. “kisses to my beautiful readers”

Song of the day: Tired Feet by ALELA DIANE

Thank you diary 


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