One night of seduction ‘final episode’

Have day dreamt about this day since i met him, i wished i could just cease this moment and live in it forever. Just having random thoughts as i watch him sleep like a baby peaceful without any worries before i finally slept off. Last night was truly beautiful. A night to behold and never allow it to fade away but remain as a wonderful memory. 

I remember his hands carefully working through every curves on my body, his tongue so warm yet coated with a sweet taste, his skin on mine like two slices of bread joined by nutella. He stopped for a moment and undressed me completely while he did the same. Oh my goodness, his body was like a carved perfect picture of what have always imagined. His biceps are the right size and muscle fitted for his body. His skin tone was so pure like an olive oil. He worked his hands, tongue and showered kisses from my legs to my mouth. His firmness grip on my bossom and his eyeballs putting me to another world entirely. 

His moan was just so perfect that he said he wanted to hear me call his name and moan. I was pretending to be the type that won’t make a sound but he was too good that i couldn’t hold it back. My moan gave him strength and urge to do more and this was indeed a night of seduction. When finally thrust in, it was heavenly and every stroke, Every touch, every kiss was with passion and love. 

In the morning when i woke up, i couldn’t find him beside me, this made me very disappointed. I just gave myself to him and he couldn’t wait to spend the morning with me. What’s so important on a Saturday morning that he couldn’t even wait to conceal this passion and wake me up. there was no message from him nor a written note, so it was nothing but a night of seduction and legging off just like have always being treated by men in the past. I went into the bathroom to take a shower and clean up and while coming out, i heard a low sound more like a scattering sound from the living room. I rushed out of the room to check and to my surprise, Wilde was in the kitchen making breakfast and the noise i heard was from the TV 

‘Hey beautiful’ he said, i didn’t want to wake you up that was why i left a note attached to the door. I went back to check and it reads “good morning sunshine, please stay in bed let me treat you like a queen” of course i was too angry and disappointed to see it. 

He kissed me and fed me breakfast. We spent the whole Saturday together and later in the evening as the sun was going down, he said “Tonia as the earth revolves round the sun, i want my world to revolve round you” let me take care of you and please just be mine and all those hidden passion and emotions please let them out and make me want you more everyday. I don’t much about love but i know am in love with you and am so crazy about you. 

I smiled and  replied “i don’t know what the question was but my answer is yes” he was so happy and i haven’t had that much of laughter, happiness, joy and love in a long time. 

A year later

Now am Mrs Tonia Wilde, his world is revolved round mine and i love my husband. 

The end

By sheydeahqb 


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